Saturday, September 19, 2009

Recent NOTD: Nubar Moodies Black Cherry to Tropical Pink

Nubar Moodies polishes are hit or miss in my experience. Some polishes have a really amazing difference between your nail bed and the free edge of your nail; others, it's hard to tell (sometimes, it just looks like VNL).

Nubar Moodies Black Cherry to Tropical Pink

I wouldn't call the color of my nail bed "tropical pink" but I'll buy the "black cherry". This is very heat sensitive so taking pictures outside was causing issues for me because a cool breeze kept on turning the warm part of my nail into the color it's supposed to be when it is cool. When my fingers aren't in contact with anything, the effect is pretty strong. Three coats of polish, one coat of Nubar Diamont. It's got a strange finish: slightly matte but very glossy. Almost like plastic?

Close-up of Nubar Moodies Black Cherry to Tropical Pink
Color progression clearer in the close-up, I think.

Nubar Moodies Black Cherry to Tropical Pink with Amoresse San Juan Salsa on top

I got bored of the mani about 18 hours in so I put on two layers of Amoresse glitter on top of it. Since you can see the color gradation, it's obvious it'll take a few more coats to make this sparkly orange glitter totally opaque. But I actually like the effect of seeing the color change through the glitter!

Here's what I don't get about the brand name of these polishes: technically, they're "Philtra" polishes by Lauren Amoresse. Yet I've never heard of "Philtra". "Amoresse" yes, "Philtra" no. Also, Amoresse just sounds better as a polish brand (imo).

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Inbal said...

I love the concept of Moodies :-) this polish looks great with and without glitter.

Evil Angel said...

I like this one better than most of the Moodies I've seen!

rijaH said...

I have 3 different moodies colours and i dont think they are so interesting at all.. I usually put them on if im really bored :p

Lucy said...

This is the nicest of the Moodies I've seen. I love the glitter.

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