Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The light plays tricks on my... polish? Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge

On an impulse awhile back, I picked up Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge for an atypical $15 at BeautySak. It looked like a light taupe (a "faded, mushroomy" color) in everyone's photos. It applied beautifully... but it looks... pink on my nails. Usually, I chalk up photo discrepancies to issues with lighting and photography but my photo captures pretty well what it looks like IRL on me.

P.S. Please ignore the blue glitter that's ALL OVER my fingers. :D

Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge
It's not just me, is it? Doesn't it look pink? a greyed-out pink but still pink...

Closeup of Grunge
...with silver shimmer!

I ended up emailing Ji Baek to ask whether I got a strange or mislabeled bottle of Grunge or if maybe the yellow undertones in my skin were making what usually looks taupe-ish on people with pink undertones look pink on me. She just confirmed that that was Grunge. Okay then.

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lauryl said...

The same thing happens with me. Essie Jazz looks purpley pink, Country Club Khaki is purple, and Metro Chic is lavender. -_-; Does that mean my skintone is super yellow or super pink?

loungie said...

*lol* aliens!

krisprimps said...

Wow, that does look totally different than I've seen on other people! Very nice, but definitely pink.

Anneli said...

That's really odd! My grunge looks nothing like that. o.O

Lucy said...

This is funny that it looks so different on everyone. So glad the email explained everything, what? It looks pretty on you even though it is pinkish.

flinty said...

lauryl: Huh. I really wish I understood the physics of light -- maybe I could explain this then.

loungie: that's as good a reason as any!

Anneli: No one's Grunge looks like this. :(

Lucy: Yeah, it was literally four words long. I guess there's not much she can say...?

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