Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Limited selection of Lippmann Collection polishes on sale at Luscious Cargo with promo/discount code

Luscious Cargo is a perfume etailer and does not even have that many Lippmanns (mostly reds, nudes and sheers) but hey, 25% off this brands, if you just wanna try it out. Code: FALLSALE (expires: October 31st, 2009).

What's really tempting me right now are not the polishes but the Calypso EDTs. I have been secretly lusting after Chevrefeuille for... two, three years? With shipping, it'd be $50 (which is a little better than $60-something) but I would never be able to use it up. Which doesn't stop me from buying a ton of nail polishes but somehow... perfume is different.

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Sandi said...

Polish keeps, perfume doesn't.

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