Thursday, October 1, 2009

The day we have all been waiting for... except some of us didn't wait: China Glaze Fortune Teller

Today is Sally Beauty's release date for China Glaze Fortune Teller (which I believe is a Sally exclusive). Today, you can go bug your local Sally's sales associate with even less guilt than before!

As for me, a trek to my nearest Sally's is a two hour ordeal so I decided it would be easier to let daydream222, located across the country, buy me one if she found it at her local Sally's. And she did. And sent it to me. (She is awesomeness and a half!) And I got it Monday. And I wore it Tuesday and Wednesday. (Granted, I've nearly bitten it off worrying about my meeting with my advisor tomorrow but it's still mostly intact.)

China Glaze Fortune Teller in three different lights and varying amounts of tipwear

I know I like it. (What's not to like? Orange small glitter and larger hex glitter suspended in black jelly.) But I'm not sure I like it because I think it's an attractive polish or if it reminds me of a disease. Like a pox.

Close-up of Fortune Teller

I don't like diseases but it's kinda a cute look as nail polish. Also as plush toys:

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Rose said...

purrrrrdy np although i'd be picking at the glitter within mintes (like with pox hahahah) what was the this website again where you can buy these lovely plushy microbes and diseases???(snuggle up with noro, or hpv ewwwww)

flinty said...

Well, my university's pharmacy carries them but usually, I think you can get most of them at

daydream222 said...

You can also get them at have several of them and they are hilarious gifts!

Yay for FT! :)

Papaya Bunny said...

I adore Giant Microbes -- I learned about them years ago from a friend who's a huge science lover and bought 3/4 of them (when they were first out, and there were only like 10 of them). I have the flu sitting on my living room end table, and I gave my mother ulcer one Christmas because she has a lot of stomach/acid reflux type problems.

As for the polish, I think it's attractive this time of the year, but not so much outside of the fall/halloween range.

Unknown said...

Oh I want this one too!!!!

Helen said...

I adore this polish for this time of year. It's perfect for all the leaves changing colour and people having bonfires.

Knowing my luck it won't make it to the UK til after Xmas (sob) when it won't really be as relevant.

Lucy said...

How gorgeous this polish is. I tried to order online and it was sold out. Maybe they'll get more in.

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