Sunday, September 6, 2009

MAC Dry Martini and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Swamp Thing comparison

I keep on typing "Dirty Martini" when I really mean "Dry Martini". The problem is that I don't usually talk about "dry martinis"; if I'm going to order a martini, it's gonna be a damn dirty martini.

As for MAC Dry Martini, I think I would have loved it if I didn't get OCC Swamp Thing first. I prefer Swamp Thing because it's slightly greener whereas the Dry Martini is slightly more brown. That and it's called Swamp Thing. If the MAC was called Dirty Martini, maybe I would've liked it more.

MAC Dry Martini

From left to right:
OCC Swamp Thing (index, ring)
MAC Dry Martini (middle, pinky)

Really, they are very similar. In terms of application, the MAC was pretty good but the OCC was easier to apply. I needed three coats to get the MAC even but only two for the OCC. MAC seemed to dull pretty quick but OCC stayed glossy. The OCC is $8 and the MAC was $12. On the other hand, MAC does a lot of no-minimum free shipping and OCC does not. Personally, if I had to give away one, it'd be the MAC. However, since there is no one standing next to me with a gun to my head saying, "You must give one away!" I find the fact that they are an uncommon color enough reason to keep both for the time being.
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Grace said...

Thanks for the comparison! I was looking at the other post of the OCC Swamp Thing and thought it looked close to the MAC Dry Martini. I agree that it should be called Dirty Martini instead.

daydream222 said...

I keep calling it Dirty Martini too...I think it fits better than "Dry Martini."

Thanks SO much for the comparison of Swamp Thing and DM! Now I know I still need ST. :)

mKat said...

Thank you for this comparison! When you first posted Swamp Thing I kept thinking that it looked an awful lot like DM. I think you got the better deal...Swamp Thing is the green that DM should have been. ;)

Did you bother with a topcoat? I threw a topcoat (my usual "go to" Sally Hansen...not a topcoat at all) over DM and it stayed super shiny all week.

Lucy said...

I love this color. I have to get that Mac polish. Looks gorgeous on you.

flinty said...

Grace: I know they were trying to evoke an olive in a martini but considering that a dirty martini is about the olive juice... would've made more sense. Half tempted to take a permanent marker and cross out the name of the polish on the bottle. ;)

daydream222: Seriously, ST is amazing. I love it.

mKat: I didn't get a deal so much as I bought two polishes... that's pretty antithesis of deal, imo. ;)

Lucy: Thanks!

Arrianne said...

Gah, I try so hard to like this color with all the ones released that are like it, but I just can't. All I can think of when I see it is fresh, watery diarrhea. Like I dipped my fingers in the toilet and wiped it on my nails, haha.

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