Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lippmann Marquee Moon

Thanks to the nicest swapper ever, I got to swatch Lippmann Marquee Moon... that I CP'ed for her. (Got some Bloom polishes in return, those will be coming soon as well!)

I'm really mixed on this polish. On one hand, it's original, eye-catching, interesting; no two manis are ever alike. On the other hand, it's not the easiest to apply and is a tad streaky. Streaky is especially not fun because one does want a little bit of leeway to move the hex glitter around. So now I'm trying to decide whether I want to spend my energy finding the right ingredients to frankendupe it or if I just want to buy this polish. Again, the hex glitter is the challenge: I have silver hex glitter but only holo silver hex. Marquee Moon uses silver hexagons that are highly reflective. I do have some candidates for the silver polish, although compared to my silver polishes, Marquee Moon seems to lean closer to pewter than silver.

What surprised me about this polish was how lightly reflective and thick the hex glitters were. The glitters that came on with the last coat pretty much sit right on top of the polish and shine brightly, which is an awesome effect.

Yes, I could've done a better job applying it. I was just too excited. :) I think three coats is way too much -- it starts looking clumpy -- but that's how many I had to use to get it to be opaque and even.

Lippmann Collection Marquee Moon

What is especially funny to me about my swatches is that you can see how small my nails are: if you compare my swatches of Marquee Moon to other swatches found online, you'll see that the hex glitter are relatively huge on my nails compared to others. I think it looks better on larger nails, personally. Actually, that's true of a lot of nail polish: polishes just look nicer spread over a larger area, imo.

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D:) said...

You. Lucky. Bastard.

Evil Angel said...

I love the texture, it's so fun. I agree with you that it would work better on larger nails so I'm going to skip it myself. I think it would look odd on my narrow beds, unfortunatly

Shryh1 said...

I'm excited and incredibly nervous about this polish at the same time. How will I deal with the streakiness? How will I manipulate the hex glitter? Will it be worth it? What outfits go with this? A frosty silver, Shryh? Really? *lies awake at night*

daydream222 said...

I haven't swatched this one yet!! I'm afraid to, honestly...I don't want to hate it b/c I love it in pics but I have narrow nails too! :(

Lucy said...

Ths reminds me of that hideous Funky Chunky. It is a pretty shade. I just hate that glitter.

flinty said...

D: yes, I know!

Evil Angel: It kinda kills me that my nails are so small. I love the hex glitter stuff!

Shryh1: Just long clean strokes for the streakiness and don't worry so much about the placement of the hex glitter. It's meant to be random anyway. It's a really cool polish, for all my reservations!

daydream222: Dude, I'll swap you for it if you don't like it after you swatch it. :) I'm sure there are plenty of people who feel the same.

Lucy: I love the idea of the glitter but I think Lippmann was wrong in making the polish itself so sheer that it needs more than two coats to be completely opaque. The hexes would look so much better, imo, if they weren't piled on top of each other as often.

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