Friday, September 11, 2009

My Zoya Tweet Polishes!

I haven't had much time at all to devote to my nails since classes started for me two weeks ago.  Things have been so hectic.  Adding and dropping classes.  Plus all of my classes are writing intensive, so I have been writing papers non stop.  Ugh!

I've been meaning to post these Zoya polishes I got from their twitter giveaway!

My stash was really lacking purples, so I stocked up!

Malia is so pretty.  I love it as a pedi color!

I was really looking forward to Lael the most.  I was hoping it would be a little dustier than it is, but it's still gorgeous.  It's a little darker than my picture represents.  I'm going to be wearing this a lot when fall comes!

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mKat said...

Definitely see why you'd be digging Lael as a fall colour. It's gorgeous. Malia, to me, is more of a spring shade, but all of the colours you've chosen are very pretty.

Lucy said...

Sadly I'm not lacking in any area! I have Malia but I want the other two. Especially Lael. That is such a beautiful purple. Each color looks lovely on you. I do like Zoya polishes.

augusta said...

i love all three of these purple shades, then again, i love the color purple : )

Adrienne said...

Lael is totally my fav dark purple creme. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE it

Selina said...

I lurve purples and have heaps. However I think I need all of these. Lael is stunning.

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