Monday, October 12, 2009

Diamond Cosmetics Winter 2009 swatches

Diamond Cosmetics would be my favorite cheap thrill even if the company didn't give me free advanced releases of some of their collections (such as this one). :P (Actually, it's a toss-up between CM and Diamond but Diamond wins out because they're much easier to get ahold of. Also, they are of a much more consistent quality. CM has amazing polishes but they're fewer and further between.)

Diamond Cosmetics Smokey Rose
Rose creme. It is what it is. Basic color for people who like basic colors. Two coats, smooth sailing.

Diamond Cosmetics Mulberry Mayhem
Darker IRL (though it looks darker in the bottle than on the nail). Another basic: a medium red creme. Two coats above, needed three. (Again, with the mulberries. Seriously, I should Google it.)

Diamond Cosmetics Crushed Velvet

Okay, NOW we're talkin'. What a fabulous, fabulous blurple creme! A little more purple than blue. Two coats, very nicely pigmented if I recall correctly. I don't know what it is about the name but it just suits it, don't you think?

Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco

The only shimmer in the winter collex, a dark burgundy with red shimmer. This one is such a gem. And probably could've been called "Crushed Velvet" too. (I don't know what Cherry Tobacco is supposed to look like. I suppose like this.) Another really pigmented polish, two coats. Reminds me of the polish I posted yesterday, Barielle Lava Rock, except the red shimmer is brighter... and it costs a fourth of the price. :P

Half of the collex is ordinary, half is extraordinary. I would've not bought the first two for myself -- I don't wear many reds or roses -- but I would've bought the second two definitely. If the company took back the four polishes, I'd buy the second two back. And why not? $4 for the two! Proof yet again that cost does not correlate to quality.

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Kae said...

I like Cherry Tabacco a lot, it's so rich and shimmery! Thanks for the great swatches (^-^)

nihrida said...

Need...crushed...velvet... *dies*

Tiffany ツ said...

very nice swatches but im partial to glitter so i loveeee cherry tobacco

Lucy said...

That Cherry Tobacco is really a gorgeous shade. I love this one. I thik these are really terrific polishes. Beautiful colors and great prices. They all look really pretty on you.

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