Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OPI You Don't Know Jacques!

OPI You Don't Know Jacques!
Swatched this awhile ago. This feels like such an autumnal color. I thought it'd look kind of dead at first but... not at all! I enjoy this one so much. It's such a hard color to describe, which I suppose it's part of what keeps me interested in it. :D

I am just dead exhausted today. I haven't gone to bed before 2am for the last few days, since I've been staying up and doing homework and grading. I am almost grateful for my psycholinguistics homework though: it's basic (and very boring) but it made me do some statistical analyses that I haven't used for awhile. My recent research relied on chi-square tests so I had been harboring this weird inferiority complex about not actually knowing how to do other ridiculously basic analyses like ANOVA. (On a bad day, I'm convinced that I don't understand t-tests.) But after looking through the data and playing around with the formatting in SPSS (stats software), it was very clear what I had to do and what it meant. So... whew! Maybe I do deserve that bachelor's and master's degree after all. ;)

Utterly massive rainstorm today (for my mediterranean-like locale). I don't miss the continuous gray skies that mar most of the East Coast... autumn, fall and spring but it's almost comforting to have rain like this for a little while.

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Lucy said...

This looks gorgeous on you. I have to get this one. You see, you can do the work and do deserve those degrees! You just need some faith in yourself. Plus some sleep.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I saw Brittany from Clumps of Mascara swatch this a while ago and it looked quite muddy against brown skin, so I just skipped this one.

You're right about it being a hard color to describe.

daydream222 said...


And take care of yourself!! I KNEW I was running myself down too much...and lo and behold, I am now sick and had to leave my class early today. :(

My Favourite Things said...

Just discovered this colour recently- I'm obsessed!

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