Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eyeko Part I (yes, they finally got here)

So after a month of waiting on them, my Eyekos finally got here! Without any noticeable help from their customer service (I emailed them about six times). With insufficient padding. With one of them nearly empty because the cap was half off. With one of them only half full because another cap was a fourth off. I'm not happy about this. But I'm glad that they're here... finally. I would've never paid full price + shipping for these but I couldn't resist getting all six for the price of two (with shipping from the UK factored in). I'm ignoring the fact that these are pretty small bottles.

(I feel like I'm such a... overly price-conscious compulsive shopper. I care so much about getting a good deal... but in the end, I'm just spending a lot of money.)

Eyeko Hot! Hot! Hot! Saucy Red Nail Polish for Naughty Nails
Va-va-va-voom red creme. Very bright! And very well-named. Two coats, very smooth application.

Eyeko Disco Polish for Nighttime Nails
Glitters are meant for the day; they are meant for sun. They are meant to glitter and sparkle and burn the retina with their brilliance. This was an incredible fine silver glitter. Three coats above, almost totally opaque. One of my favorite silver glitter polishes so far.

Close-up of Disco Polish for Nighttime Nails

And of course, a video of Disco Polish:
Looking at this video, the bottle looks somewhat decently sized. It's not. My hands are smaller than every adult I've ever compared hands with -- and I've actually compared hands with many in search of a hand smaller than mine.

Eyeko Pastel Polish for Nice Nails

Hardest one to apply: three coats, still a bit uneven. Great light blue color with a blue flash, (saving it from chalkiness). It's weird that it's such a basic idea for a color but I don't think I have any dupes for it!

So far, I've been very impressed with the quality of these polishes. Then again, my expectations were extremely low: I figured these would be more cutesy novelty items, their best feature being their packaging. I was wrong: these were generally easy to work with. I would think twice before ordering directly again from Eyeko though.

More Eyekos tomorrow!

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nathalie said...

I received them this morning. Same deal as you: just 5,40£ (no shipping to France). They're extremelly pretty but the disco glitter I received is thick in the bottle. Thick like toothpaste. Ugh. I emailed them about that but I don't know if they will give me a response.

Indeed your hand is small! But that's cute. :)

D:) said...

I'm POd cause my Disco polish was gloopy as hell. Impossible to apply.

I couldn't get over how beautifully the red applied tho. Too bad it was hideous on me. Not for dark-skinned women clearly.

I loved the blue one tbqh

gildedangel said...

I am loving that red one, its name suits it!

Evil Angel said...

I'm going to trace my hand and send it to you to compare. lol I think all of your readers should...let's see if we can find an adult hand as small or smaller than yours. lol

JacieO said...

Mine were delivered really quickly (I ordered on Sunday and got them on Thursday), however the black one was broken when I got my set of six. :-(

I really love these polishes. I also have Eyeko's fat balm, brightening cream and mascara - they are also super good products.

Selina said...

I bought all six of these full price, in two lots. Both times one bottle had leaked because the cap wasn't on tight enough - argh! I had no luck with getting a response from Eyeko, which is a shame because I love their products and their shipping to New Zealand has always been super fast - their customer service is letting them down. (And JacieO I have all three shades of Fat Balm and LOVE them!)

I have tiny hands too - we need to do a comparison. The nail techs at the local salon always used to comment on how very tiny my nails are!

Lucy said...

What horrible customer service. Also how dumb not to pack the polishes correctly. If you get no response try a regular old fashioned letter. They really should replace your polishes. I'm definitely not ordering until they fix there problems. The polish shades are gorgeous. I love that shade of red, just beautiful. The blue is really special. The silver glitter is amazingly packed full. Your nails look amazing in all shades. Even on your tiny cute hands!

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