Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NOTD Nina Ultra Pro Leaf Me Alone with Sinful Call You Later

Hello! It has been a crazy few weeks in graduate school. Unfortunately, I spent the entire last week sick with a cold and although I'm finally recovering, I'm trying to catch up with the work I skipped out on while being sick while simultaneously starting to prepare for my final papers (already! jeez). Gah. :(

I wouldn't say grad school is getting easier but I'm starting to learn that "reading like a grad student" means not reading absolutely everything that is assigned. :P

So on to my NOTD...this is 3 coats of Nina Ultra Pro Leaf Me Alone and 2 coats of Sinful Call You Later. This mani was inspired/copied from a lovely, creative lady on the MUA Nailboard.

For some reason, the glitter came out very dense on my thumb but not on any other nails.

With flash:

And here is the Daddy Long Legs that lived on my door for awhile. I named him Dandy. He's back to being an outside spider now. :)

Well, what do you think of this mani? You can purchase Nina Ultra Pro at Sally Beauty Supply stores and Sinful at Walgreens (this particular Sinful is not available online anywhere yet).

Up next...Halloween manis!!! Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

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gildedangel said...

I love that combination!

Lucy said...

That's a pretty manicure. I love the combination of polishes that you layered. I like how the glitter isn't as heavy on your fingers as it is on your thumb. Nice accident. Hope your feeling better now. Not enought rest means you catch colds faster! Get some rest.

boonDY said...

I Like Dandy. Looks so good in the picture. I wouldn't say the same thing if I saw it face to face :D

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