Thursday, October 22, 2009

FingerPaints Art District Delight

I'm not a fan of light pastel pink cremes: even if they look good on me (a rare occurrence), the formula's usually too sheer or chalky. But every light pastel pink creme from FingerPaints that I've tried try works so well on me. I love the more creative colors from FingerPaints (which I believe is now owned by OPI) but I think what they do best are the basics or basics with a twist.

FingerPaints Art District Delight
So basic, so simple, so clean. Two coats, smooth formula (if a little on the thin side) as per most FingerPaints polishes.

I can't wait to get my hands on the new FP holiday collection. They look so sparkly and vibrant. Who knows when the next time I'll have a free moment to haul ass to Sally's though. :(

In other news, I am sick yet again! This time, it's not just dragged-out exhaustion: it's full-on "I can't talk, my throat hurts so much, screw the chicken and noodles, just give me chicken broth... no wait, that makes my stomach feel weird". Ten more papers to grade in the next hour so I can get this to my TA counterpart so the students can have their papers back in a timely manner. After I do that, I will just sleep all day. And drink Emergen-C. And do whatever the hell I can to get this out of my system!

Or maybe I'll take advantage of staying home sick and swatch polishes in the daylight., I should sleep. Between health and polish -- even though polish sounds like more fun -- I should probably choose health.

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Dissolved Girl said...

That is such a pretty pastle pink. I am not a fan of pinks in general. But for some reason I have a bunch of pink polishes. This one may be another that will be added to the collection.

As much as I would vote for go swatch more polishes, I 2nd you going and getting some rest. Get well soon!

gildedangel said...

I hope that you feel better soon! That color is really nice and very wearable.

Anonymous said...

I really like this shade and I ,ove that it's opaque in two coats!You should definitely sleep and get some rest!Get well soon!

Rachel said...

Not a bad color (for a light pink, actually it's rather pretty,) but FP is *not* owned by OPI. For some reason Sally's associates say it is, but Sally's main CS line will correct the misinformation.

Rachel said...

Double comment, I know, but the official line from Sally PR is "I am sorry that our store staff misinformed you. Where the confusion comes in is that our stores are told that if someone is looking for OPI, that they should recommend the FingerPaints brand as it compares to OPI. As you know, OPI is sold in professional only stores that have a salon."

Adrienne said...

whoa opaque in two coats?? Maybe I should get this! I'm looking for more conservative colors to add to my stash.

I hope you feel better soon!!!

flinty said...

First of all, thanks to everyone for their well-wishes. I am feeling a tad better today and hopefully will have a productive weekend. :)

Dissolved Girl: haha. I did spend a lot of the day lying down but managed to get some swatching in. Couldn't resist: just got the new Walmart Hard Candy polishes and had to try them out.

Gildedangel: Definitely agree. And like I said, I don't like pinks even!

Katie + Adrienne: To be fair, I use pretty thick coats for most manis unless I know it's going to be super sheer. But this one was surprisingly pigmented.

Rachel: It was a Sally's SA who told me about OPI owning it but she said the reason she thought that was when she was opening one of the boxes they came in, it had a little "inspected by" paper that had OPI's logo. Maybe it had fallen in from somewhere and it's not owned by OPI but... who manufactures it then? It's no longer Lazer Nails.

mKat said...

That pink looks gorgeous! And yeah, a shade like that that goes opaque so easily is a rare find indeed. :)

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Hope your weekend goes well!

Anonymous said...

I got this polish the other day looking for a bit of a nude. It was nothing like I expected, but it's an absolutely gorgeous dainty color. And it's close enough to a nude that I could wear it whenever.

Duffi McDermott said...

I'm glad you're better. Up your Vitamin D, too; that's a great way to build up your immune system. Please take care of yourself, flinty dear!

Lucy said...

I'm so sorry you were feeling so sick. I second what Duffi said. The polish is lovely on you. I've never used this brand. Don't get me started on anything else. Take care of your self sweetie. (((hugs)))

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