Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm a little teapot...

Okay, I'm not, but I'm exhausted and feeling terribly uncreative.  :P Just thought I'd stop in, say hello and prove that I hadn't totally fallen off the planet.

The first month (read: five weeks) of my program have been...excruciatingly busy. In an effort to make this a better degree than any of my previous endeavours I've been trying to socialize more and actually get to know people within my department. I guess that sounds kind of strange, but I'm an incredibly shy person and in the past getting to know people has been very difficult for me. Knowing that it would be a long four years without friends and supportive colleagues, I've thrown myself into the pool with great gusto. It's been worth it.. but I've been running on little to no sleep for weeks.  As a result of this, I feel that the quality of my writing (and capacity for intellectual thought) has really taken a nosedive so I'm a bit frustrated at the moment. I'm hoping it will soon pass because for the time being I have forgotten how to use punctuation and can't put together a coherent sentence.

In addition to all of the "stuff" (in general) that has been going on, my time management skills have gone to hell. Now, I need to clarify: My time management skills have never been great. Time and I are mortal enemies. Jokingly I'd refer to this as brown time or island time, in homage to my place of birth, but I think that does fellow brown people (Caribbean residents, immigrants in general etc. I could generalize further...) a huge disservice. Nobody in my family runs as late as I do. Now, the worst part of this is,I'm an incredibly organized person. Most people come to me for help organizing their life. In fact, I've kept other people (professors included) on schedule and on task and on a few occasions, I've made sense of the black hole they call their "office".  I am organized enough to have a calendar/day planner (more on the woe of the hunt for a smart phone...sometime)... so it's not as though my life isn't scheduled. But keeping to a schedule? SO NOT ME.  It does not matter that I have 3 hours to get ready; I'll take three and a half. It doesn't matter that I've got two weeks to do an assignment, I'll still be doing it up until I have to hand it in. Recently I've discovered that it's not just procrastination that kills me (though I acknowledge that it has a lot to do with it), because even though I started grant applications in August, I was still working on them the day they were due. In October. The longest grant app was two pages. Two pages do not require a month and a half of work!

I know that I can't keep operating like this or I'll be dead before the end of this degree so if anybody has any advice... I'm all ears/eyes/whatever!

* * * * *

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving so happy belated gobble gobble to all of my fellow Canadians. I had the pleasure of enjoying two lovely turkeys and have promised some American friends/colleauges that I will host American Thanksgiving at my place next month. My bf (who, by the way, never actually cooks a whole chicken whenever he suggests it because "uncooked chickens are gross!") said recently that we should "try" cooking a turkey, having never done so before... I later came to find that by we, he meant me... and by turkey he meant turducken.

No, I'm not kidding. 

I always thought that turduckens were something that the guests of Jerry Springer might enjoy but apparently it's classier than all that. Stupid bird(s) is(are) going to cost an arm and a leg. Now to find more people to help us eat 20+ lbs of poultry...

ManGlaze's "Fuggen Ugly"
 Yes, I love the gunmetal goodness that is this colour. Looks great matte, looks great with topcoat. (I cheated and extended its life by topcoating then adding Essie's MAY...) :)

Teal Fishnets
I've had this idea in my head for a while but I've barely had any time to paint my nails .(My toes are currently devoid of colour... I haven't seen them natural in about two years and I think I'm actually going to leave them bare til spring!) I have to say that I really liked this Konadicure but it just did not photograph well. Even after fifty shots this was the best that I could do. I think the lack of focus was likely due to the shine of the topcoat and the shimmer in both the base polishes as well as the Konad silver.  Oh well, I promise you that it looks great! :P


Base colour: China Glaze - Sexy in The City
Gradient: China Glaze - Liquid Leather; China Glaze - Rodeo Fanatic
Plate(s): m24 (flowers); m57 (fishnet)
Stamp: Konad SP - Black Pearl; Konad SP - Silver


What I'm waiting for: Bon Jovi's new album, The Circle. (November 10th) !!

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Lucy said...

Love the fishnet manicure, very sexy looking. If you can be so organized for other colleagues than do the same for yourself. You have to believe that your time is very important. You've worked so hard to get this far. It's good that you've made the effort to be a more social person. Don't let your academic life suffer for it. You need sleep. I know I can barely put two words together when I haven't had any sleep. There's nothing more embarrassing than struggling to find a simple word when your tired. You must be procrastinating for a reason. Do you not really want to be there or not think your worth enough?

mKat said...

Oh no I want to be there. I've always procrastinated though... I don't know why. I have known a lot of overachievers who also work this way (not that I consider myself an overachiever) so I'm fairly convinced it's something psychological. A few people have observed that I'm a perfectionist and that I'm often unwilling to let go of stuff until I love it. By extension, I've heard that perfectionists often procrastinate because they're (sub-consciously?) afraid that the end result won't meet expectation.

The unfortunate reality is, if I didn't procrastinate it probably would meet expectation with little effort...

But procrastination extends beyond my academic life. If I have two hours to get ready in the morning and I know I need one hour to get dressed, I'll start getting ready when I have half an hour left...because I AM AN IDIOT. :P

Mighty Lambchop said...

Love both of these! I can see enough of the fishnet one just fine!

Wow, Turducken. I love them but it is hard to get enough people assembled to eat it all. I think I'll just do a bacon wrapped turkey this year!

mKat said...

^^ I have to say... I love your screenname. :)

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