Thursday, October 15, 2009

Franken: Funky Chunky with CHEESE

Still haven't had a chance to put this cutie back on for pictures in the sunlight. I wore it for about a day: it dulls slightly over the course of the day and becomes a tad bumpy, though nothing that filling it out with clear polish wouldn't fix. :)

This was a pretty straightforward franken:
  • Wet n Wild Black (super pigmented and smooth, love this stuff)
  • a LOT of Wet n Wild Clear (which is always sold out everywhere I look! is everyone frankening?)
  • one scoop of large silver holo hex nail art glitter from eBay
  • more scoops of large blue opalescent hex nail art glitter from eBay (because those look better)
  • many scoops of holo glitter from Coastal Scents (man, that jar was totally worth it)
  • a dash of ChG Kaleidoscope Him Out (because I could) maybe this isn't that straightforward. It felt like it because I was just mixing in things as they occurred to me.

A note on the name: when I showed it off on NB, I hadn't named it yet and somebody mentioned that it was what Lippmann Funky Chunky should have been. I didn't necessarily agree with this but then someone (possibly the same person) mentioned some Burger King commercial about a burger "with CHEESE"... and I figured "Funky Chunky with CHEESE" was as good a name as any. (Okay, you had to be there. And even if you were there... well, I have a weird sense of humor and a soft spot for this particular MUA-er whom I accidentally met IRL at Sephora Times Sq while in search of $OPI 212.)

Funky Chunky with CHEESE in the bottle
That weakass silver holo hex glitter was a mistake. I should've just gone with the blue: it's so much more reactive with the light.

Funky Chunky with CHEESE (indoors with flash)

Super serious holo glitter going on here. Hard to tell with still photos, as always but I've got videographic proof of it below the closeup shot!

Closeup of Funky Chunky with CHEESE on the nail

Video of Funky Chunky with CHEESE
Sigh, I hate swatching at night. No good sunlight to show off anything accurately! Even the video doesn't accurately reflect how sparkly this sucker was!

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The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I totally would've named this "Galaxy" because that's what immediately comes to mind when I see it! INCREDIBLE! iWant!!!!

Evil Angel said...

It's like the sexy version of a disco ball! I love it!

loungie said...


nathalie said...

Looks like a space travel, I adore your creation! :)

Lucy said...

Fantastic creation! Funky Chunky sucks and this does not. Beautiful sparkle and love the different sizes of glitter. A perfect creation.

mKat said...

This is gorgeous!

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