Friday, October 16, 2009

Old NOTD: Barielle Cotton Candy with Beauty Treats Snow Angel

This was my NOTD some time ago.

Barielle Cotton Candy with Beauty Treats Snow Angel on top

Cotton Candy is a bright, well, cotton candy pink with pink shimmer. Snow Angel is a densely packed opalescent glitter. So far, in terms of densely packed opalescent glitter, Sinful Smoking Hot wins (because of the random green-reflecting glitters that really give it personality). But Snow Angel isn't bad and I do plan to keep it around... mostly to dump into frankens. :) I've heard of Beauty Treats in passing but hadn't seen it very much until the other day when I walked into this cute little dress-slash-perfume-slash-tchotchke shop. They had a handful of Beauty Treats polishes and I picked up a few. This is the first I've tried so far.

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Lucy said...

Very pretty and girly! Looks frosted and I love the look. Have a nice weekend.

clockwork said...

it looks candied, very pretty!

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