Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Nina Ultra Pro NOTD and swatch

I recently discovered Nina Ultra Pro brand the last time I was at Sally's ($3.29 with club membership) and I don't know how I've overlooked it all these years. It's not stunning but it's not overpriced and there seems to be an interesting enough color selection. I picked up a few and have since had a chance to test drive them.

Nina Ultra Pro Like Butta
Ironically, it did not apply "like butta". It was an unspecial yellow creme, which means it was a streaky mess for the first three coats. But it looks nice when it's on and smoothed out.

Nina Ultra Pro Purple X-ing
Shimmery royal purple with multi-sized holo glitter (some fine and some big hex chunks). Very easy to apply and turned out quite smooth on the nail. It was a stunner in the bottle:

Close-up of Purple X-Ing.

Very sparkly and attention-grabbing!

Video of Purple X-ing:

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Brooke said...

lol at the tv going on in the background of the video "I can't take the screams in my head anymore" lol!

I was just doing some posts on some new Nina's I got, they really are a pretty good brand. Plus I think Sally's has them on sale this month for $2.99

Mary Ann said...

I love this brand of nailpolish. I recently discovered it at sallys as well. I also discovered that it works well with konad stamps. check me out.

Lucy said...

Both polishes look really pretty on you. I wish someone could answer the question as to why yellow is so difficult to apply. The color really is lovely. That purple is gorgeous. Love the sparkle in it. I've never used this brand either. Don't get me started on any other ones!

flinty said...

Brooke: I should have a contest sometime to "identify the most TV episodes/shows based on the background noise on my videos?" That would need a bigass prize. :)

Mary Ann: thanks for the link!

Lucy: I'm sure somebody with some chemistry background could explain it to us... hmm...

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