Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NOTD Zoya Ki

Actually this is yesterday's NOTD since i've changed my mani this morning but it's raining cats and dogs out, so no pictures of my current mani. So i've been growing my nails out for the past two months and this is where they are today. Unfortunately, this morning at the post office while rummaging through my handbag, my pointer fingernail on my right hand got torn off exposing the nail bed :( I'm incredibly saddened. It had a tear in it for about two to three weeks and I had been using Orly nail rescue on it. I guess it finally gave out this morning :( It's looking pretty bad and is beyond repair.. all I can do is wait for it to grow out :( I refuse to file all my nails down to nothing, so I'll just have a dumb looking nail. ha! It's really strange typing with it too!! It's just a sad looking nubbin lol ok ok onto the mani!

Zoya Ki

Zoya Ki

You need to click on the pics to enlarge them to see this polish's awesomeness!! It's a green/purple duochrome!!!!! I was able to capture it very easily. Most duochromes for me are almost impossible to capture and it takes me like 80 frames, this one only took about 10. It looks purple most of the time, but at certain angles you can see the duochromeness. I used three coats of polish over a base coat and it is topped with Diamont topcoat. Went on very smooth, but it did take quite a while to dry... like very long, more than two hours. I don't know how often I will be wearing this np because of its awful dry time. First time it has ever happened to me with Zoya.

I'd also like to thank Siobhan from the Nailphile for featuring us on her blog!! Very sweet of her and a great way for readers to get to know the contributors of PorP a little better :)

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gildedangel said...

What a cool duochrome, I love it!

AllYouDesire said...

Wow, writing this ony my list! Stunning polish

rijaH said...

Don't worry it will grow out again in no time ;D I have 4 short nails atm. But like you I refuse to file them down. Especially when the other nails are getting so strong, so like you I'm just waiting and waiting :)

D:) said...

I got this polish and the duochrome is impressively strong but I'm just not crazy about the colors themselves. Sort of blah? idk. idk.

Sorry about your nails but the good news is that they will grow.

awesomevegan said...

That's an awesome color. I need to see if it is on my wishlist... :)

Helen (Nice Things) said...

That is so beautiful! Need, need, need!
Your photo is excellent as well. I always have such trouble capturing duos.

Lucy said...

Lovely polish on you. Gorgeous color. Sorry about your torn nail. It sounds painful!

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