Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Theme mani using Migi Nail Art pens

Thanks to another reader request for a lesser known brand I had never heard of (and therefore went to track down), I was able to get my claws on a free set of Migi Nail Art pens from the company. These are double-sided, double...tipped? B3F nail art pens. Each pen screws apart into two little vials of nail polish (0.16fl oz with free refills!) that are capped with a brush AND a nail art tip. They come in sets of four pens (eight colors); there are... four or five different sets? I received the Silver set which is mostly cremes: blue, magenta, yellow, red, white, green, black and orange (the last one is actually a shimmer).

Now, I'm a real nail art klutz. Due to a medication that gives me slight tremors, I'm pretty impossible when it comes to free-handing pretty designs: I don't think I've ever achieved a straight or even smoothly parabolic line. Still, I thought I would give a simple design a shot... mostly because today is the day that the new Tegan and Sara record is released and I wanted an excuse to talk about it. Don't have much to say about it since I haven't had time to listen to the entire thing yet really... and I probably should refrain from going on and on and on about music on a polish/grad school blog. :D

Anyway, the result of this desire to talk about this CD is probably the worst nail art or fan art that's ever been presented on the internet. And that's probably saying a lot.

So, here was the inspiration:

And this was the disastrous result (using the magenta, orange and black Migi pens with China Glaze White-Kwik-Silvr as a base):

Yeah, I'm totally embarrassed now. Really, I'll have a much better review of Migi polish pens at a later date. Right now, I'm just super happy to have another Tegan and Sara album to keep on repeat on my iPod.

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gildedangel said...

That's not bad at all; I love the lips design!

daydream222 said...

I LOVE Tegan & Sara! I saw them in concert during my undergraduate years. I have to get my paws on their new album asap!

Lucy said...

Love the lips and the striped design is nice. Great job!

flinty said...

Gildedangel + Lucy: very kind of you guys to say nice things about this mani. :)

Daydream222: I'm a tiny bit obsessed with them. But I've never seen them in concert... this is changing in the spring though!! :D

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