Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nothing, even remotely, resembles "sun" today...

Fall has officially arrived.

Not the "good" part of fall, either, but the dreary, grey skies accompanied by a fine misting of rain. I have no idea what temperature it is today (having not been outside), but the damp alone is enough to put me off the day.

Yesterday it was absolutely gorgeous out for most of the day. So much so that a surprising, late-in-the-year invasion of ladybugs showed up outside of my office window. One industrious little fellow even made it into my condo. Well, at least he's warm and toasty. There are tons of plants to live on in here.

Today's Konadicure is very, very (very!) simple. I have been dying to wear China Glaze's "Wagon Trail" since it arrived as part of an order in the summer but something about it just says fall to me. The complex shimmer of gold/green/moss hues in this colour is incredible and my pictures (taken indoors with nothing akin to sunlight) cannot do it justice.  Google this one if you don't own it. Even if you aren't a "green" person...Wagon Trail can (and should!) be worn by everyone.

*If anybody has tips on how to improve photos, I'd appreciate it.  I find, even using the macro function on my camera, I often can't pick up the level of detail I want. (I'd like to think I have a decent camera... maybe it's just the shimmer in some of these polishes that makes things so annoying?!)

Base colour: China Glaze - Wagon Trail
Top coat: Sally Hansen w/ Nylon in Nude no. 95
Plate(s): m51 (stamp applied diagonally across nails)
Stamp: Konad SP - Gold

What are you going as for Hallowe'en?


What I'm lemming: Bon Jovi's new album! (yay!)
What I'm waiting on: a fountain pen from JetPens and some Japanese ink!

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gildedangel said...

That is a super cute mani! Your nails are what I hope my nails will look like someday!

PowerLifterChick said...

sooo pretty!!!!

nihrida said...

Gorgeous manicure! The shape of your nails is just perfect... Wanna have mine just like that. :)

Lucy said...

I haven't worn this polish yet! It does look like the perfect Fall color. It looks gorgeous on you. I like the stamp you used also. I don't dress up for Halloween anymore. I just love giving candy out to the kids. They're so adorable.

mKat said...

GA - thanks! i'm not sure I have any advice, aside from saying 'remember to give your nails a break (no pun intended) after every few helps strengthen your nail bed.

(Say, aren't you on Specktra?)

PLC - thank you. :)

Nihrida - thanks! i find if i don't let them grow out too much, i can usually just file them down without cutting/clipping and this helps maintain the shape. Now I just have to improve the cuticles... my skin always looks so dry.

Lucy - I think you'll love this polish! It is really so very beautiful. I love a golden/yellow based green much more than any emerald green that's out there which is why I don't often do green myself.

You can always dress up to hand out candy for the kids! :)

mKat said...

Lucy, I just realized that it's your birthday... Hope you had an awesome day!!

kelliegonzo said...

i LOVE your nails mKat :D wagon trail is one of my absolute favorite polishes!

Mighty Lambchop said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous! I want Wagon Trail so bad!

D:) said...

I love how subtle the konad is! Very well done! So pretty.

Jessica said...

That is perfect. Its simple but its just the right amount of color and design. Perfection.

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