Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two Nails Inc swatches: Spitalfields and The Serpentine

I have been dying to try Nails Inc polishes for awhile so when I saw a couple on eBay for a reasonable price (and reasonable shipping), I decided, "Hey, why not?"

Kinda wish I kept my money. Maybe these polishes are other peoples' cups o' tea but it ain't mine. They are, without a doubt, beautiful colors and super pigmented, but I found them hard to work with. (It almost felt like they were too pigmented... how weird is that?!)

Nails Inc Spitalfields
This one was a predictable nightmare: yellow, my sin, my soul... or not. Anyway, three coats, hard to get even (for me, other people have great experiences with this brand), and it looked a little too stark against my skin. Three coats.

Nails Inc The Serpentine

More nail polishes should begin with the word "The". This is a gorgeous cobalt blue that leans just slightly purple. Two coats. I thought this was just going to glide onto my nail. Nope, not so much. But on the up, it's more impervious to my usual NOTD tipwear disasters: the above photo is after a day with Diamont.

Truth be told, I'm kind of glad that I didn't like these polishes. They're more than I usually pay for polishes and even more expensive to get shipped to the US. So... yay. A brand lemming down!

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swedishfishing said...

oh bummer! The Serpentine is really gorgeous on you though. I've been wanting to try Nails Inc as well, but if they're really not all that amazing, I may just stick with RBL and Illamasqua cremes

Helen (Nice Things) said...

I find Nails Inc hard to apply. Thinner works wonders with them but they do go goopy quite fast. I have a few as I live in the UK and they often have awesome offers but I'd never pay full price for one.
For what it's worth, I think the yellow is lovely and has Brooke from Getcha Nails Did all over it!

Rachael said...

Would you be interested in selling the yellow? Hit me up: clumsykisses @ gmail . com (remove the spaces)

Adrienne said...

aw boo then i wonder why people rave abut them?

Lucy said...

Shame in a way. They are both lovely colors, especially the blue. Also good since you won't be buying them and paying a crazy amount of money for them. I was wanting them also. Glad you tried them first.

Anonymous said...

Hahah! "My sin, my soul... Yellowlita"

flinty said...

Swedishfishing: thanks! And honestly, I prefer RBL and Illamasquas, personally.

Helen: OMG, you are the first person I've come across who thinks that they're hard to apply! :) Yay, I'm not a freak. ;)

Rachael: I don't sell anything straight from my blog, even if I say I don't like it. I do most of my swapping on Makeup Alley and selling on NBMarketplace.

Adrienne: They're gorgeous colors, for all that I find them a PITA. I think some people have higher tolerance for gorgeous colors not available in the US. I don't.

Lucy: Yes, my wallet thanks Nails Inc. :)

Lori: I tried to write something using more of that but it was coming out disastrous. Like, "Yellowta, light of my life, fire of my loins, my sin, my soul... Yell-ooo-ta..." and then I got totally stuck trying to figure out how to poetically work what a tongue does during a palatal approximant.

kelliegonzo said...

omg i need that yellow in my life!! i've been trying to franken a similar color but it's so hard!

Anonymous said...

Nails Inc cremes tend to be a little too pigmented, but since I have like 70 of them by now, I know I need to add thinner. I really like them, in fact, my fave color is Duchess Street, a deep, regal purple creme. Gorgeous.

Too bad you had a bad experience with them.

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