Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wrong holiday: Lippmann Happy Birthday

Lippmann Happy Birthday

I'm not a fan of supporting businesses or business people I'm not fond of but I couldn't help myself on this one! OMG, it is a birthday party in a bottle! I hesitate to use some high-falutin' word like "evocative" for stuff like nail polish but this is just... it's just reminds me so much of being at a kiddie birthday party with the multicolored balloons and conical hats and napkins with the balloon-and-glitter design. I'll try building it up some other time but I love the way this glitter spreads on the nail. It's not that even but it's not one of those glitter polishes that you run the chance of not getting any on your nail (like some of the bigger Nabi glitters). These pictures show two coats... and my half-stained nails. Concentrate on the glitter. :)

Close-up of Happy Birthday

I also had a good time layering it over Stargazer #232 (the one that's said to be dupey to Maybelline Mirror Image).

Lippmann Happy Birthday over Stargazer #232

Close-up of Happy Birthday layered over #232

Hint: Do not buy Happy Birthday for $18 shipping on the Lippmann website. Get it for $15 (free shipping on orders over $50, if you are inclined to order that much) on

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gildedangel said...

Ooo, I love it with the silver! So pretty!

Pinkginger said...

Party in a bottle? I love it!

Anonymous said...

ok i HAVE to have this! it reminds me of sprinkles on a cupcake! ahhhhhh!

Lucy said...

The more I see it the more I love it! Definitely looks amazing layered!

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