Friday, November 13, 2009

Discount/Promo codes for Barry M, Lippmann Collection and Urban Decay

Two companies whose websites I do not like to order from... but they have pretty good coupon codes right now so...

20% off at Barry M with code NEW20 (expires November 18th, 2009). <-- bad, bad, bad CS. Don't say you haven't been warned. :)

15% off at Lippmann Collection with code HOLIDAY09 (expires November 15th, 2009). <-- snooty, can usually get her polishes cheaper elsewhere and with free shipping.

30% off Urban Decay with code FNFW1 (expires November 20th, 2009). Never ordered from them until today when I got the set of new UD polishes. YES, I'm WEAK. I don't know if I even wanted them. I like the white one. Obviously, grading has addled my mind. Yeah. That's my excuse.

...and for the record, I'm willing to accept "because" to begin a sentence. It pains me (even though I use it when I'm trying to emphasize a point). But I accept it. Just like I'm okay with "but" beginning a sentence. That's okay. It's all cool. BUT DO NOT BEGIN A PAPER WITH "BECAUSE". I know it's arbitrary -- all prescriptivist grammar is arbitrary when looked at in the right way -- but is nothing sacred anymore?

It's late and I'm crazy. That's all. :)

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Selina said...

I've seen so many comments about Barry M's customer service being bad, but I have to say my experience has been pretty good. Either I'm just lucky, or they've seen the bad reviews and upped their game. For the moment I'm leaving any Barry M shopping for our trip to England next year - then I'll be stocking up BIG time!

Lucy said...

Oh no! I've just ordered from them. I did use the code for the 20% off. It's the first time I ordered from them. I'll just cross my fingers.

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