Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Essie Mint Candy Apple and Lollipop NOTDs

Still absolutely exhausted by conference and travel and all that. Pretty much laid on the couch all day yesterday, watching true-crime forensics shows.

Essie Mint Candy Apple

Blued-mint creme. I am really torn on this one. First of all, though I like the color, I wish it were greener than it is. Second, this mani took me two tries to get right. The first shot (over Nu Nails) turned out to be a streaky mess and the polish went everywhere. The second one (over Nu Nails and NailTek Foundation II ridgefiller) was still streaky but evened out in three coats. Average drying time with Diamont. Looked a bit thick and chalky to me but I like the color so I'm fine with that. But the real beauty of this one for me is that it wore really well! The above is after three days: not a single chip and no tipwear.

Essie Lollipop

Jelly apple red, much like a candy apple you might get at a theme park. (Actually, why wasn't this called Candy Apple?) Very bright and glossy. Fairly sheer but buildable: slight VNL still visible after three coats. Average drying time with Diamont. The above shows some tipwear after two days: like MCA, it didn't chip before I removed it out of boredom of having my nails the same color for almost four days.

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gildedangel said...

I wish that MCA was greener too, but I still really like it!

Anonymous said...

I have both of them and I really like them, Lolipop applies like velvet I wish MCA had the same attitude!!I like both of them on you!

Anonymous said...

love them both! I have had MCA for a few weeks and just got Lollipop today. Cant wait to try it!

Shayla said...

I still cannot figure out if Mint Candy Apple is green or blue. It looks green here, but ohter times it looks blue. Even on my nails it can't decide!

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