Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More backlogged NOTDs

Almost Thanksgiving!! YUMM Time to be gluttonous and lazy haha
My nails are still nubbins and will probably remain nubbins for probably a month because I'm trying out a new base coat and it seems to be helping with the staining. If it works then I will wait for the stained part to grow out and file it down to nubbins, AGAIN. Hopefully when this is all over I will have strong, healthy, stain free nails! BTW the base coat is Barielle Camouflage for those that are wondering. Onto the pictures!

This is Milani Fashionable which is a purple with the teeniest bit of shimmer in it that is only visible because of the macro mode on my camera. For a drug store polish, the formula is really really good! I think Milani might just be my favorite drug store brand for nail polish. It is shown here with two coats of polish over a base and topped with top coat.

And next up is Color Club Ultra Violet from their Summer Electro Candy collection. This is a neon purple with blue shimmer in it. The purple is definitely brighter in real life, but the blue shimmer is what sets this neon apart from others. Actually, all the neons from this collection have the blue shimmer in it which makes them all extra blinding. It is shown here with three coats over a base and topped with top coat. There is still VNL, and I could have done more coats, but got lazy. Although drying time was fast for me on this one. Color Club is definitely one of more favored brands over others because their formula is always on point and have a fun color selection. And you can get it at most places for under $3!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and have a safe holiday! :)

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gildedangel said...

Those are gorgeous colors!

Evil Angel said...

I love these pastel Milanis I wish CVS here would get them in already!

Hotaru said...

I just bought Ultra Violet from Color Club and I also addoorree this color. It's fun and different, really a must.

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