Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An interruption in flinty's regularly scheduled programming: flinty on a non-vacation

I will be away for the next ten, eleven days: I'm hitting up Boston for the annual Psychonomics conference, New York for fun and then spending Thanksgiving at the SO's in another state entirely. (It occurs to me that I'm pretty open about my movements. I guess I'm not particularly worried since Psychonomics is a big conference with thousands of attendees in a medium-sized city, New York has a population of over eight million and then there are 48 other states.)

Because I haven't had a chance to do extensive swatching for about a month now (grad school gets in the way of polish), I will not be posting a swatch daily while I am gone. ...I was going to schedule posts but those 100 student papers I just handed back got in the way of setting that up! The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still probably post a handful of swatches and do iNOTDs from the road. And I definitely will take y'all with me shopping if I go anywhere interesting. (While in New York, I'm planning to go back to Inglot and maybe finally Rescue Beauty Lounge. And while in Boston, I'll probably embarrass myself taking pictures of my getting a mani/pedi at the Square Nail Studio. Just watch me drop my iPhone into the pedi basin... or not. I guess if I drop it into the basin, you definitely won't see it.) I'm unlikely to post very much during Thanksgiving weekend since I don't actually anticipate changing my mani too much in front of the SO's family. I don't mind poisoning my SO with polish fumes but poisoning his family seems rude.

Anyhow, y'all probably won't miss me with all the other P or P bloggers and, for the Americans, turkey (or turkey-like meat substitute) to distract you. But I will miss you and will hopefully be amassing more polish to swatch in the meantime!

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Lumin0us said...

ofc we will miss you! Have a nice trip, and check back often!;)**************

Gingerkittydesigns said...

Have a wonderful trip and holiday!! =0)

Lucy said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Try and enjoy your conference. Do lots of shopping and take many photos.

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