Friday, November 20, 2009

Playing hooky...

I tried to sit through the metacognition talks but ended up leaving for cosmetic reasons: slooooow speakers with interesting speech habits... and hey, the Sephora here has Illamasqua!

I'm kinda "meh" on this brand though: $$ and not liquid gold. Also, the display was grimy. Not attractive.

I couldn't resist the new $OPIs though:

Got Worth My Weight and Absinthe Makes the Heart. I didn't like the way the latter looked in photos but it's sooo pretty in the bottle! Still more $$ than I like but hey, I'm on vaca... Well, I'm not at home anyhow.

Also met the psycholinguistics beauty blogger this morning! So weird to meet someone off the Internet in person, especially in a completely different... field? than where we met. Talked about the state of our nails, the state of our data... pretty awesome. ;) And since she's from Canada, she brought me four of the recent SH Canadian exclusive polishes!

Yeah, okay. I should go back to being all academic-like now...

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Lucy said...

How fantastic to meet a fellow blogger. Plus Canadian exclusives! What if the Illamasqua display was bright and sparkly? You might have bought many polishes. Enjoy your time off.

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