Saturday, November 7, 2009

LA Girl Disco Brites Turntable

Though a little on the thick side, I really like the LA Girl Disco Brites line: most of them are these vibrant colors with a jelly finish. Mmm, opaque jellies. Nom nom. A totally worthwhile expenditure on those occasions that CherryCulture offers free shipping and a discount code.

LA Girl Disco Brites Turntable
Lookit the glossy finish! I'm not sure what this color is: spring green? Emerald mint? Minty teal? Who knows. It's rose by any other name: a really fun, vibrant color. Three coats, a bit thinner than the other LA Girl Disco Brites polishes I've tried (a good thing).

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gildedangel said...

That is a lovely color on you!

Michelle said...

Love the jellies, and love this color! Thanks for posting this! :)

Lumin0us said...

Gorgeus color! And its perfect on you!

Lucy said...

I haven't tried this one yet. Pretty color on you.

Anonymous said...

It's called Turntable :) I just bought this one today cause it's super pretty.

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