Friday, November 6, 2009

Sally Hansen/Tracy Reese Spring 2009 swatches, Part II

As promised, the other three SH/Tracy Reese polishes I got:

Sally Hansen Beet Stain

Similar with Nasturtium, a highly glossy creme that reflected EVERYTHING, rendering all my photos mostly photos of the bright blue sky and the neighboring building. Leans more purple than this red shade the camera came up with. I'm always tempted to Photoshop pics to make them more similar to the color the polish actually is but... eh. 1. I'm lazy and 2. I'd rather put more work into being able to take better photos (because how's that plan worked out for me so far? yeesh). Anyway, three coats but that's because I lost count and did a third coat when I didn't need it. These polishes are beautifully pigmented for the most part.

Sally Hansen Night Hydrangea

Like Honeydew, this one looked fabulous in every photo I saw but when I got it, I was kinda disappointed. I was expecting more dimensional shimmer -- it appears gold and silver upon closer inspection -- but kinda just shows up as a light frost. I still think it's a fabulous shade of royal purple though. Super pigmented as well: the above is two coats. Also, I like the word "hydrangea" so much that it's conceivable that I wouldn't want this polish if it were called something else.

Sally Hansen Forsythia

This was my absolute favorite from the bunch even though it looked TERRIBLE (worse than Tassel, almost) next to my skin and even though the application was the biggest PITA (it's pigmented but leaves weird bald spots and is hard to apply more than two coats). But you all know how I love yellows! This is one yellow that I do not have a dupe of! It's a desaturated dijon mustard yellow; it almost has a light greenish cast. Shimmery, but I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Also, forsythias are some of my favorite flowers. I grew up in the middle of a big city but lived in a ground-floor apartment with a backyard. We had a bunch of forsythia bushes that bloomed like crazy as soon as spring wafted into the city. They are not a particularly beautiful or interesting flower but I enjoy how simple they are and how... joyful they look when they're just bursting out on their branches. :) ...SH Forsythia is so not the yellow I associate with forsythias though.

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gildedangel said...

I love that yellow, but it sounds like it applies like most yellows!

Vanessa said...

I really like Beet Stain ;)

Danica said...

I actually really like that yellow on you!

flrusso said...

these are pretty, but the application issues are making me stay away. thanks for sharing!

Lucy said...

I had this collection in May or June. Found them all at once. I love the Forsythia also. It looks awful on me and I so wanted it to look gorgeous. I haven't worn the rest of the collection. They are all gorgeous on you.

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