Monday, November 30, 2009

More travel haulage! And subpar iPhone pics!

The New York haul was sad. Didn't have enough time to really go hunting for polish.

Super happy I got to go to Inglot again though:
851: like ChG Wagon Trail but more shimmery.
XL7: blue purple opalescent glitter topcoat.
954: Pea green creme with neon green microshimmer that's only visible in some lights.
913: what I want to cure me of my burning desire for OPI Creme de Menthe. Looks more metallic than CdM though.
635: brownish maroon with pink and purple microshimmer. I've never seen a color like this. These "breathable" polishes are $4 more than the regular ones. (nails are dead, folks -- no breathing necessary!)

Picked up some M&Ms at the big M&M store next door to Inglot. Some of my favorite nail polish colors: bright green, grey, blurple, vampy, white, teal... ;)

Mattese Matte Smoke: it looks like a dead on dupe of Diamond Cosmetics' polish of the same name. Strange because a lot of Mattese polishes are Color Club.
Mattese Caution: neon yellow creme.
LA Girl navy matte: not sure what the official name is because this one came from Forever 21.
Illamasqua Collide: hahaha. My iPhone auto-completed the word "illamasqua" after I typed "illam". Dense purple and pink glitter.

So only 9 polishes from NYC but when I got home late last night, I found these on my kitchen table! My SO had picked up two Color Club sets for me from Ross and I had received my Urban Decay and Snail Slicks polishes in the mail. I couldn't immediately locate my camera so I took what will hopefully be the last of my crappy iPhone pics for this blog (until I travel again):

Color Club Glitter Vixen set

Color Club Dance to the Musique set

Urban Decay Apocalyptic set

Snail Slicks 102: dark blue-grey foil.
Snail Slicks 40: dense green and gold glitter.

I also ordered some stuff during Black Friday sales (LA Splash, Avon) and hauled most of the ChG Wizard of Ooh Ahz from VNS so there ought to be no shortage of swatches for December!

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Antonea said...

I have never heard of inglot before.

I have two of the matte polishes from la girls and there are not creative names. i have matte plum and matte apline green. I got mine from cherry culture for $4 although i think forever 21 has better prices.

How nice! i wish someone would buy me polish. I think my boyfriend would feel too 'weird' for buying it that he couldn't do it. Sissy, thats what he is.

Love your blog!

hausofpolish said...

I love Inglot! All the polishes lined up in their display are so beautiful.
That's definitely not Collide...Collide's a neon pink. But now I'm wondering what it really is, 'cause it looks gorgeous in the bottle!

gildedangel said...

Nice haul!

flinty said...

Antonea: my SO is probably girlier than me. Also, he was looking in Ross for discount cookware so... Yep. ;)

haus: how weird! I just looked up Collide and it's totally different! The box my polish came in says Collide but after doing a quick Google search, I wonder if I accidentally got a Boo! polish by accident? (ALU just did a swatch of it.)

Shayla said...

Not sure where my other comment went :( Just wanted to let you all know I love your blog, and that I tagged you in my "15 Blogs" post!

Adrienne said...

aww SO is such a sweetie!!!!!!!!!!

fishgirl182 said...

thanks for the heads up about ross. i went there tonight and picked up both the musique and vixen collections along with a sally hanson minis collection for $1.99. never been to inglot but i'll definitely stop by the next time i am in nyc.

Lucy said...

You picked up some really nice polishes. What a nice SO for picking up two collections of polishes for you. I'd say you made out pretty good.

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