Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November Adoree swatches

Some more swatches of Adoree polishes, which I received for free, courtesy of Thresa at Esther's Nail Center. I'll readily admit that my choices this month weren't fantastic but definitely nowhere near a complete loss. :)

Adoree Lemon Meringue

Reminds me a bit of Maybelline Banana Puddin': a slightly more saturated yellow and not as sheer. It still took four coats to even this out (and there are several spots where it still isn't even). This was an NOTD for a couple of days and there was no chipping and virtually no tipwear at the end of the third day.

Adoree Lime Light

I was so in love with the idea of this polish: highlighter yellow jelly with holo bar glitter. Wish it didn't look like such a disaster on my nails. Three coats are pictured above.

Close-up of Lime Light

Video of Lime Light

Adoree Tudar [sic] Brown

Deep brownish red. Very vampy and jelly but sheer and relatively hard to build. Three coats is pictured above.

Adoree Glamour Pink

Dusty carnation pink with green and gold shimmer. Really beautiful and one of the more interesting pinks I've run across lately but it needed to be thinned out with thinner and clear polish. Which I may do because I like this one a lot but it's a PITA to apply. Three coats pictured above. Beautifully sparkly in the sunlight.

Close-up of Glamour Pink

Video of Glamour Pink

Off to my SO's family's house for Thanksgiving today. The last and longest leg of my trip. My nail polish collection has grown though! I stopped by Inglot yesterday and got a handful of polishes -- including their new "breathable" (*rolls eyes*) polish. Wish I could've bought more but at $10 apiece (or $14 for the breathable polish), that wasn't going to happen. I also succumbed to an Illamasqua: Collide. I just couldn't resist the multi-colored glitter. Also, Inglot was closed when I got to Times Sq and I needed to pass time til it opened. Did you know Inglot has a nail art line? They look like those cheapie nail art pens that you can get from China off of eBay. Anyway. No idea if I'll get more polishes while at my SO's house: maybe during Black Friday shopping?

Oh... for those in NYC, Inglot is having a 20% sale in the morning on Black Friday. You lucky New Yorker ducks. Go nuts for me. :)

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gildedangel said...

Lime Light looks so cool!

Sew Shy said...

That glamour pink is awesome!

Trinca-Espinhas said...

I didn't know this label, but it has really cool colours.
Nice blog!

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