Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sally Hansen/Tracy Reese Spring 2009 swatches, Part I

I had been super excited to win this auction for six of the Tracy Reese/Sally Hansen Spring 2009 polishes (for about $26) but I think I was a bit let down when I finally got around to swatching them. There are some gorgeous polishes in this collection but for the most part, they didn't seem to suit me. Nevertheless, they had great pigmentation and I'm sure they would suit somebody else very well. Here are the first three of the six I swatched:

Sally Hansen Tassel
Light gold and totally meh on me. Three coats. I keep wondering who the heck can pull off golds like this. Not me, certainly.

Sally Hansen Nasturtium

Again, my camera is playing tricks on my polish (or vice versa?): the color in the bottle is much closer to what it looks like IRL on the nail. A very orangey coral creme: actually, a very nice color and as you can see from the reflections on my nail, also very glossy. Two coats.

Sally Hansen Honeydew

Very saturated shimmery turquoise. Because I had really high expectations for this polish, I was a tad more disappointed in this than the others. I didn't think the shimmer would be that frosty-looking. In the grand scheme of frosts, this is not really the nail polish equivalent of the polar ice caps but I was hoping for a warmer shimmer nevertheless. Great pigmentation though: two coats and no VNL in sight. Super easy application too. Speaking of honeydews, gosh, I think I'd love a creme the color of a honeydew melon...

Stay tuned for Part II of the SH/Tracy Reese polishes!

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Danica said...

I think of all of them I like Honeydew, however I have one of these Sally Hansen salon polishes and I am not thrilled with it, I think because this is before I knew about topcoat and without topcoat it's very dull.

gildedangel said...

Honeydew looks really pretty!

J said...

This is actually the Spring 2008 Tracy Reese/SH collection. But pretty swatches!

Lucy said...

Lovely nails. I don't understand the honeydew color! I too would love a creme the color of honeydew. I bought this collection in May or June.

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