Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New "Mani Station" and NOTD

Hi everyone! Today I have some pictures of my new "mani station" (as I have dubbed it) that I received as an early birthday gift from my husband last week. I found it on craigslist last week (while searching for nail polish) and immediately sent the ad to him as a possible b'day gift for me (my b'day is Nov 12 - next week). He bargained for it for $70 and since I have the bigger car and it's a heavy item he had to enlist my help to bring it in the house (not that he could have hidden it in the apartment lol). He cleaned it up for me and I absolutely LOVE it! I think it needs a new coat of paint (I'm thinking of painting it and maybe putting some stencils on it) but all in all it's perfect. :)

Here it is next to Helmer 1 & 2. I'm currently using a kitchen table chair with it so I need a new desk-ish chair and....shhh...I need a third Helmer too....:P

The "display" area. Currently I just have some recently purchased/used polishes as well as some nice "displayable" polishes (aka Knockouts, an old Chanel box from the Russie line, and the Celebration Lippmanns). The bottom tier is all of my must-have topcoats and basecoats.

This is one of my kittehs (and my baby), OP (short for Optimus Prime...the husband is a big Transformers fan (not a fan of the movies but of the actual original toys/tv show/original cartoon movie)). He likes the new station.

And here's my NOTD Jessica Venus Was Her Name. I couldn't get a great pic of this mani but I love it. Luckily, the lovely Scrangie posted recently on this polish and included an amazing picture of it.

This is 2 coats.

With flash to show shimmer.

Thanks for reading!! Cross your fingers that the husband reads my b'day polish wishlist and buys me Lippmann Happy Birthday for my b'day! :P

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mKat said...

Well.. that's just awesome. All of it! :)

Happy (early) birthday to you! Your hubby rocks.

gildedangel said...

I love your setup!

Jennifer said...

Wow, that thing is absolutely perfect for manicures!!! Love the little shelves off to the side for lining up your most frequently used polishes and top/base coats!!!!!

skgoh said...

That's an awesome setup! And a third Helmer? Wow. I'm envious. Can I move in? :D

nihrida said...

WOW! What a great nail polish station. And I LOVE the kitty too! :)

Cali369 said...

Great desk, sweet cat, fab mani!

Kirsten said...

That mani station is just to adorable. I love it!

Triskit said...

soooo jealous!Happy early Birthday!

amusedPolish said...

you've already got 3 Helmers? :D
i love the jessica polish :)

Lucy said...

Perfect for doing your nails. I need to get 2 Helmers. I just ordered a massive amount of Jessica polishes because of Scrangie! Love this shade on you. Your cat is adorable.

awesomevegan said...

Your mani station is great! :)

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