Wednesday, November 4, 2009

China Glaze Tinsel and Five Golden Rings

Since I already had Emerald Sparkle and Ruby Pumps from the Loves You Snow Much set, I decided to round it out with Tinsel (also a re-promo, if I'm not mistaken) and Five Golden Rings. My verdict? Wish they were easier to build to full opacity: they'd be such delicate opaque glitters. But as it is...

China Glaze Tinsel
From left to right: four coats, three coats, two coats and one coat

Well, it does remind me of tinsel. Very light, delicate and sparkly. Somewhat useless as a single coater but then hops to being far too dense (imo) to make a good topcoat in the second coat. Builds up well for three coats (with very obvious VNL) but try to put a fourth coat on and it starts gooping off the nail. Nothing that can't be fixed by waiting a few minutes between coats but who has that kind of time? ;) (Also, there are many fine glitters out there that don't need a mandatory waiting period between coats.) Still, I quite like this one.

Close-up of Tinsel (four coats)

Video of Tinsel

China Glaze Five Golden Rings
From left to right: four coats, three coats, two coats and one coat

Same deal as Tinsel, but less sparkly and it looks kinda washed out on my skin. It's true I have nothing else exactly like this... but I also rarely keep golds that don't work well on me.

Close-up of Five Golden Rings (four coats)

Video of Five Golden Rings

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gildedangel said...

They are pretty colors, but I will probably skip them.

Shayla said...

May I just mention that the videos for glitter polishes is the best idea ever?!!

Lucy said...

Actually 2 glitters I don't have. I'm sure I have something to compare to them. Very annoying that their so sheer at one coat.

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