Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The debut of my shorties !

Hello dear readers! I feel that my nails are finally decent enough to share with everyone. They have grown out a bit over the last two weeks by keeping them polished at all times and no picking at them! Unfortunately I have yet to figure out a maintenance routine for them during the harsh winter months. I guess I just need to moisturize them more often or maybe use some strong stuff, but you can see it in these pictures coming up. I want to share with you today my two recent NOTDs. I'm sure everyone has seen these polishes a million times, but I'm going to make you see them one more time on my dry aging hands haha!

First up I have Milani Totally Cool:

Direct Sunlight

Indirect light

Totally Cool is a jelly with magenta and orange glitter in a purple base. In real life, the purple base is more red and not so blue like it is in my photos. It is super sheer and took four coats to become even and opaque. It probably could have used another coat, but I was lazy and just wanted to finish this mani. This is such a pretty color and I can see why sooo many people have raved about it. When the light hits it, the shimmer in it just glows and glows. In my bottle I can see some green shimmer, but none of that showed up on the nail. Would be really cool if it did though!

And today I layered OPI Merry Midnight over Totally Cool. I've read that Merry Midnight is really sheer and i did not want to have to paint four layers of polish, again! Merry Midnight is a completely unique polish and is in a league of its own.

Direct sunlight

Indirect light

OK Seriously, I don't know how my hands aged so much from the direct sunlight photo to the indirect light one haha I literally took these two photos within minutes of each other. Scary eep!! More SPF please! I apologize, that is not frazzle, it's just dried up top coat that I'm too lazy to wipe off. Back to the polish -- Merry Midnight is stunning it really is. It totally transformed my mani into awesomeness. It has rainbow flakies, blue, and silver glitter in this gorgeous purple base. What more could a polish lover ask for????? STUNNING. I couldn't capture the blue and green flakie part on the camera, but it is totally visible to the naked eye. So so pretty that I don't want to take it off! BUT I will have to, because I've vowed to do a mani a day until next Monday. Why you ask? Because I got a job!!!!! I was planning to apply to graduate school for Fall 2010, but financially it just isn't practical for me. So I'm going to work for two years or so to save up some money to go back to school and get an MBA. That's the plan, for now. With this job, I'm going to have to keep my nails at this length since they are manageable, not as high maintenance, and i can still be quick on the keyboard. I really do miss my longer nails, when I look at my old NOTDs with them I get a little sad and want to grow them out again, but they slow me down when I'm typing which wouldn't be good at a new job hehe. And after I start working, there will be less fun manis like this for me to share with you, only on the weekends I'll get a chance to paint my nails something fun instead of boring conservative colors. But you can expect that my upcoming posts will be the fun colors!!! :)

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nihrida said...

Your nails are pure perfection. Both colors look smashing on you! =)

Antonea said...

I would love to have nails at that length!
My nails peel and break from the sides very often. But i'm trying to make them healthier...

Merry Midnight will so be mine very soon!

cidell said...

Your shorties are my dream length! Congrats on the job.

gildedangel said...

Your nails look great! Congrats on the job!

Lucy said...

I wouldn't call your nails shorties. They are a nice length and look lovely. The other two polishes look gorgeous. Congrats on your new job. I'll expect an explosion of colors on the weekend.

Hillary said...

I'd love to see someone do a comparison between Merry Midnight and Urban Outfitter Sparkle Purple. I have Sparkle Purple and I LOVE it... I think it's probably a darker shade of purple and doesn't have any shimmer to it. Still, it'd be interesting to see. :)

Nazia said...

What's the difference between Milani Dot Com and Totally Cool??? I picked up a bottle of Dot Com from a CVS near my school, but your swatches, as well as those from AllLacqueredUp, look very similar. Did they decide to rename it or something?

Esmaltólatra said...

I love the glaze with exotic colors and definitely, this is among my favorite color ... It's a shame we few brands in Brazil to buy.
You Americans are privileged! I really enjoyed your blog, especially the slogan! Congratulations!

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