Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hard Candy, Part II of III (mostly Mr Wrong and a variation on it)

Hard Candy Mr Wrong

I love this color! It's like a dusty blue-purple-grey shimmer with gold and silver foil! Someone on NB said it looked like SH Opulent Cloud on crack and I'm wont to agree with that. Another hard-to-pin-down color. Three coats, an absolute stunner. There are about seven colors of shimmer in here and they complement each other very well.

Close-up of Mr Wrong

So when I saw Hard Candy Break Up in the bottle, I was super excited:
I knew it wasn't going to be opaque on the nail so I didn't even bother trying it on without layering it over something. So after my above Mr Wrong swatch, I layered Break Up over it:

Hard Candy Mr Wrong with Hard Candy Break Up

REALLY messy. VERY busy. Dizzying. Clashing. Fun but extremely ugly, imo. The opalescent hex glitters do not spread evenly at all on the nail. The above shows three coats of it. Does look a bit like a mermaid's tale, doesn't it? Except one that's been through a blender. With paint.

Close-up of Mr Wrong with Break Up

Video of
Mr Wrong with Break Up

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The Glitterati said...

A mermaid's tail that's been put through a blender with paint is the perfect imagery to start off my day! :P (And yes, my day starts at 11am)

gildedangel said...

I don't like the two polishes together, but I do like both polishes separately!

Liz said...

I have Mr Wrong on today too! :) Jinx! Your pictures look great. I had a hard time capturing the color. A mermaid's tail in a blender. with paint. literally made me lol! :)

Pinkginger said...

I love this colour! It looks amazing on you!

Lucy said...

Poor mermaid! Love Mr. Wrong. Looks fantastic on you. Break Up is insane. I bet this was rough to take off. I have a China Glaze like that. I layered it over a manicure. I used 2 thick coats over 4 previous coats of polish. It took me 3 and 1/2 hours to take off. I love glitter so I won't let that stop me using it.

Lianne said...

"Does look a bit like a mermaid's tale, doesn't it? Except one that's been through a blender. With paint."

Oh dear. I LOL'ed.

kellie said...

Have you tried Break up by itself? You mentioned that the glitter doesn't spread evenly. Could it just be because of Mr. Wrong's texture? I just did my first full mani with Mr. Wrong and I find it to feel a bit "gritty" and I have to use 1 or 2 coats of a top coat to make it smooth. I'd imagine that it would make a topper like Break Up difficult to apply evenly. Just a thought. :) They're both gorgeous polishes though. I just finished with my Mr. Wrong mani and I can see the light reflecting it all sparkly out of the corner of my eye as I type. :) I probably shouldn't drive with this polish on my hands. Or wear gloves .. either one. :)

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