Saturday, December 19, 2009

December Adoree swatches

This post was sponsored by... well, half me, half Esther's Nail Center. Whenever I receive Adoree polishes from Thresa at Esther's Nail Center, the package is always accompanied by a little sheet filled with dried dollops of Adoree polishes (a service available to all customers that Esther's NC calls "stroke samples"). When I saw this month's stroke samples, I immediately put in an actual order for four more polishes because they were more perfect for December than the ones I had originally chosen. December is a good month for glitter, especially ones I can put over white. :) I ended up only having enough time to swatch five of the eight this week.

Adoree Starlight White over Missha WH001

I don't know about you guys but I really liked this combo. Missha WH001 is a slightly jelly white creme (which applies like a bit of a nightmare) and Starlight White is a sheer topcoat with fine glitter and a slight white-purple duochrome that's more apparent in the bottle than on the nail. The glitter itself looks opalescent and flashes green and gold mostly. It does a nice job of softening a bright white. Reminds me of snow... :)

Close-up of Starlight White over Missha WH001
There's the purple duochrome... but it's only barely visible on the nail.

Adoree Wild Orchid
Bluish-lavender foil. I love the color A LOT but this is far too brushstroke-y for my taste.

Adoree Golden Star
Run of the mill gold polish. I can't tell if it's suspended in a yellow jelly or if it's a clear base: my nails are pretty stained so it's hard to tell if the yellow is the polish or my nails. :( Three coats above: definitely a layering polish, not a glitter polish.

Adoree Genuine Pink
Darkened mauve creme. It's more pink IRL. Two coats and super glossy. I can't make up my mind about this color: there's something about it that I really like. And then there's something about it that whispers "boring..."

Adoree Hamilton Blue

Multicolored glitter. Four coats on the index (left), three on the middle, two on the ring and one on the pinky (right). Reminds me a lot of Amour Rain Glitter (a favorite cheap steal of mine) but less dense. It looks tons better when layered over a creme, like so:

Adoree Hamilton Blue over RGB Minty
Mmm. Much better. Actually, looking at this picture, I think it'd be fun to try layering this over all colors of cremes. I wonder how different it would look if I layered it over a red polish, since this look probably always takes on the color of the base polish. (Worry not, I'll be showing Minty some other time.)

Close-up of Adoree Hamilton Blue over RGB Minty

I have to remember to try this out over other colors. Betcha it would make a funky skittles mani. Or horribly clashing. Or both.

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gildedangel said...

Great swatches, I love the colors!

D:) said...

I love that white one. Lol that pink is such a mom color. Don't love those glitters tho.

Beck said...

Hamilton Blue reminds me of an ooooold glitter polish I had probably 15 years ago... it was probably Wet 'n Wild or Artmatic or some other 99-cent brand, but it was that same blue-leaning multicolored glitter effect once applied.

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