Sunday, December 20, 2009

Old NOTD: Dior Black Sequins

I knew it would happen someday. I knew I would find a super expensive brand of polishes that feel absolutely right on me. And then I'd want to buy those expensive polishes.

Damn you, Dior.

Even though I was on the fence of the shade of Dior Silver Purple, I loved the way the polish applied and how it felt on my nails. Thick but smooth, and beautifully pigmented, it just clings to my nails like glazed ceramic. So when I got that $15 off coupon (and free shipping) from Sephora, I knew I had to try another Dior polish. Black Sequins -- from last year's collection if I'm not mistaken -- was the only one they had so that was the one I got.

Dior Black Sequins

My nails feel invincible in this polish. Tough as... well, nails. Not just the color but also in the texture and thickness of the polish: it feels substantial. Black Sequins is a dark black creme studded with unevenly sized silver flecks. The sparkle is very subtle and barely noticeable from arm's length. It's nowhere as sparkly as the Sephora polish dollop might lead one to think but I like it anyway. Like my experience with Silver Purple, it was an easy breezy application -- no, I don't have the neatest gap in the world but I also didn't have any cleanup -- with a brush that was nearly perfect for my small nails. It dried FAST with "David"... possibly because it dries fast anyway. It feels like as soon as it settles onto my nail, it's 70% of the way to dry already.

All of nail polish is a luxury, obviously. But this, to me, is so luxurious. And it is a horrible gateway drug because now I want to buy Dior polishes even when I don't have a $15 or 40% off coupon. See, I avoided buying expensive polish for years because I was afraid that I'd find one brand that I'd buy no matter what the cost. My consolation is knowing that they have few colors... all of which are LE. So that's not a consolation at all.

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daydream222 said...

Yep, this is the one I wore when I got married! I absolutely love it and it looks fantastic on you. :)

amusedPolish said...

this swatch reminds be a bit of orly goth- but i think the glitter that is in orly is a tad bigger than the dior one

Anonymous said...

Crap. This makes me want it. The silver flecks are hott. Gr

Tabula Rasa,,, said...

What a great looking polish! And everyone deserves a treat now and again ;)

gildedangel said...

Ooo, that is beautiful!

Pinkginger said...

Gorgeous. My gateway drug was Rescue Beauty Lounge polish (their formula loves me!). The only thing standing in the way of me owning every RBL polish that I adore is the shipping cost(nearly $40). I can buy at least 15 from Transdesign for the cost to ship 1 RBL. And that sucks.

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