Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Much in the spirit of the holiday season, I'm spending most of today inside of airports! I've definitely been slacking off making posts and even taking pictures of my NOTDs thanks to school - but, the semester is over and I'm headed to Seattle to visit a dear friend. I have nothing better to do than post some holiday manicures, hopefully they'll help to get you in the mood.

First off, my absolute FAVORITE polish of the holiday season - OPI Dazzled By Gold.
IMG_0199 OPI Dazzled By Gold
This is an ULTA holiday exclusive and I HIGHLY recommend looking for this one before it's too late. It has the most stunning glitter/foil finish that I have ever seen in a polish. I just can't say enough good things about this polish, I might have to snag another bottle before it's too late.

The only other holiday polish I took a picture of was OPI Holiday Glow
IMG_0192 OPI Holiday Glow
On me this is most definitely an eggplant color with gold shimmer, it appears as if there's some red shimmer but it's just the gold showing through layers of the eggplant polish. I was so afraid I was going to hate this one since it didn't seem to be getting much love from the polished masses, but I'm so eager to wear this one again! Doesn't really scream holiday to me, but I love it nonetheless.

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gildedangel said...

Those are very pretty!

Danica said...

Okay, now I need Dazzled by Gold! I didn't think it was all that amazing in the bottle, but on your nails... well I just think I need it! I hope it looks okay on my skintone.

augusta said...

i own dazzled by gold and i love it!!!!!!
i've worn it twice already- i think i should buy another bottle before the end of december.

susies1955 said...

I need the "GOLD" too. :)
Great post,

Polish Hoarder said...

Wow! Dazzled By Gold looks so good on you! I have it but hate it... At least right now I do. Maybe it will look better on my skintone in the summer? Let's hope!

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