Tuesday, December 15, 2009

iNOTD: Nubar Absolute

What is with the paucity of sun? Come on, I've got holos to swatch!! Not that I'm home right now anyway. I'm at a cafe, going over my RAs' work and the sun just came out for, like, two seconds. And then went away again. But it was just enough to get some iPhone pics of my NOTD! (It'll also show up in tomorrow's post that shows the second half of the Prisms collection!)

Nubar Absolute

It's been doing fabulously today as my NOTD. One layer of Diamont dried it pretty fast and it's got a lovely glasslike shine to it. It's actually a very delicate blue without being pastel.

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Evil Angel said...

I love this one! Keep 'em coming! droolies

gildedangel said...

That is so pretty!!!

Get Nailed said...

I think if I were to get one from this collection this would be it! Pretty!

Anonymous said...

oooh. Pretty. I need this.

Brooke said...

PRETTY!!! I wish I could see this one IRL.

flinty said...

Thanks guys! I hope you enjoyed today's post!

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