Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nubar Prisms swatches, Part II

Finishing up what I started yesterday, here are the rest of the Nubar Prism collection polishes (courtesy of Nubar). Yesterday, I liked the chunky holos more than the smooth holos but today, I like the smooth ones far more than the chunky ones. FYI, none of these have topcoat except for the last one.

I think I also said that the smooth holos reminded me more of the China Glaze OMG collection. I thought about it more today and I think it reminds me more of the Kaleidoscope collection, in finish and coloring. It's not that continuous holo effect; it's more scattered.

(I'm playing with my new camera and still trying to figure it and my homemade lightbox out so these photos might look a bit inconsistent. Apologies for that!)

Nubar Jewel

A dark brassy brown with chunky holo. The middle picture shows how the light can change this somewhat cool brown into a more golden brown. Feels chunkier than the other holo polishes somehow. Before you ask, it's not like China Glaze Mahoganie, which is multisized chunky holo suspended in a mahogany-colored shimmering jelly. Two coats. I'm pretty "meh" about this one though it is supremely glittery.

Video of Jewel
Apparently, my new camera shoots videos in wide screen...

Nubar Essence

Another miss for me: shimmering golden rose with chunky holo. What was cool about Jewel (the brown one) was that the holo was contrasted with the dark shimmer base. Here, the lighter base just sort of swallows the effect of the holo and is, overall, less glittery in sunlight.

Video of Essence
(...goodness, you can view these in HD? No need to view these in HD!)

Nubar Brilliant

Smooth rosy pink holo (kind of a washed out magenta). Four coats to get rid of all VNL. This picture was taken on Monday, when there wasn't any sun out. I had all but despaired of photos that showed off the holoness of the polish! But while I was swaching Adoree (for which I didn't really need as much sun), the sun burst through the clouds for five minutes and I quickly put on two coats of Brilliant over Adoree Genuine Pink, which is a dusky mauve creme.

Nubar Brilliant over Adoree Genuine Pink

Obviously, the deeper color is due to the polish being layered over the darker creme but these show off the holo effect a lot better than the ones I took on Monday. Not a stunner but very subtle and probably work-appropriate... as long as you don't work in a sunny office next to a window. :)

Video of Brilliant over Adoree Genuine Pink

Nubar Absolute

A dusty sky blue when not in direct sunlight but naturally more vibrant and saturated in the sun, when the holo comes out to play! The first two photos were taken in my homemade lightbox that my SO made for me for our second anniversary. I had just finished putting topcoat on my mani. The second two photos were taken in the sunlight today when I wore it as my NOTD. The photos show just the teeniest bit of shrinkage since I always forget to wrap my tips. Though it was four coats, it was very easy to apply and it dried quickly with Diamont. I REALLY liked this one: it's a very delicate color and very wintery somehow. A completely worthwhile polish, IMO. It may, however, be dupey to China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out except the glitter was bigger in ChG KHO and the blue was slightly cooler, if I recall correctly.

So... my final honest opinion on this collection? I would have happily purchased Gem, Prize and Absolute at full price ($8)... and would've gritted my teeth through the shipping. I would've definitely skipped Essence and Jewel. As for the rest the rest, I would have been happy to pick them up at a discounted price. All in all though, it's a cohesive collection: it's definitely got a theme to it and I like that four holos are chunky and four holos were smooth. A few too many beige and rose colors for my taste but that could be said of any collection from anywhere anyway.

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Evil Angel said...

I am drooling over absolute!

Thess said...

Very, very, VERY nice colors!

And your hands and nails are beautiful!

gildedangel said...


Get Nailed said...

I've never tried holos, that blue one is tempting me though!

Anna said...

I need Prize and Jewel! But I'll prolly end up buying them all lol
Nice swatches!

Anonymous said...

The blue and the purple are the only ones I want. Well, maybe the red...except its glitter not smooth. Grr

flinty said...

LOL, Evil Angel and gildedangel: do I need to get a bucket? ;)

Thess: Thank you!

Get Nailed: Absolute is a good beginner's holo. Not too crazy. :)

Anna: Thank you!

Ange-Marie: isn't it a relief to not want a whole set though?

augusta said...

hmmm, i guess i'm in the minority with this but i dont really care for this collection at all,well, with the exception of absolute... these holos kinda look dull to me.

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