Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday NOTD and Graduate School FAIL

So. I just got my first graduate school grade back. B+. A B+. B+??? After all that hard work?? I am so disappointed and upset. After all, a B+ = a D/F in graduate school. Plus, I'm only in a Masters program, so I still plan to apply to doctoral programs in the future. There goes my hopes for a great doctoral program, there goes my confidence, and there goes my chance for a 4.0 GPA. I feel like such a complete failure. I'm terrified to see my other grades (haven't been posted yet) and now I'm scared out of my mind to write my 4th paper. To make matters worse, I thought that the paper I turned in for this class was really good. Guess not.

Even my mani isn't helping me. I just got in my order of RBLs and even THAT isn't helping. I have a work holiday party tonight that I've been looking forward to and now I don't even want to go. And what do I say when people ask how I did? B+? How embarrassing. I haven't got a B+ since like my freshman year of college, and I knew I deserved that B+.

On to the pics. Sorry for whining.

This is 2 coats of FingerPaints Evergreen Dream under 1 coat of China Glaze Snow Globe. I meant for my nails to resemble X-mas trees with sparkly lights. It needs another coat of topcoat because it's a little bumpy. Also, my index finger looks weird because the corner of it recently broke off and I refused to file my nails down.


With flash:

Outdoors shade:

Outdoors sun:

You can purchase China Glaze Snow Globe from most of the e-tailers and some Sally Beauty Supply stores. FingerPaints Evergreen Dream was a Sally Beauty Supply exclusive a few months ago but you may still be able to find it in stores.

Thanks for reading.

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Kate said...

Seriously, a B+ is failing in a master's program? Wow. Have you e-mailed the teacher and asked in what areas you could have improved or asked why that grade? I'll be happy if I get a B on my Gender & Sexuality final. God, I hated doing that final essay.

I need to paint my nails. I've been anti-nail polish the past two days as my hands didn't want to cooperate. I hate it when I go all sloppy. So, after I get it off, it will be relaxing nail polish time. Yay!

Anonymous said...

I have an MA and am working on my PhD, so I know where you're coming from. That said? RELAX. A 4.0 doesn't mean that much, even in MA work; not having one won't keep you out of doctoral programs. Really, when you get to that point, there are so many other things that are a bigger deal: fit with the program, essay, demographics, your specialty....

I know that it's nice to have the 4.0, but there are bigger concerns in life. You will be fine. Ease up on yourself a bit!

Mighty Lambchop said...

Enough of that! Time to pick yourself up and get back in there. You will get into a great doctoral program, your other grades will be good and you will write your fourth paper and it will be spot on!
I really do understand. Last term I did not walk away with my usual 4.0 GPA. I was so angry and embarrassed with myself! But it does no good to dwell, I've used it as inspiration and this term I will have a 4.0 again!

P.S. Your manicure is very cute and it does make me think of twinkling lights.
I will be thinking good things for you! Be well.

Gina said...

Try not to get down about Grad school. I felt the same way in law school. My law school had a required grade median so all classes over 18 people required the professor to have a B median. That means 50% of the class MUST be a B or less. So some professors gave, no joke, in a 70 person class 55 Bs, 5 B - s, 5 B+s, 6 A-s and 4 As. Like WTF?

I will never forget walking out of my copyright class second year of law school feeling like I aced the exam and ending up with a C+! A C+ I almost DIED. My lowest grade EVER!!

Doo said...

Beautiful mani! Don't worry about the grades. You know sometimes the grade does not reflect the actual value of the work. Professors have bad days too, or sometimes they don't agree with the thoughts on one's essay and get annoyed - even if the essay itself is well build and grounded to the theory. This may sound a clichée but the most important thing is that you learned from the studying and gained new insights on subject - and you can build your upcoming studies on that no matter what the grade is. Keep your focus and there's no way of stopping you from achieving your goal :)

Liz said...

If it's any consolation, I never tell anyone my grades. If I'm asked, the answer is always "I was happy with my grade" or "I didn't do as well as I had hoped." People who ask about grades are often trying to upstage others, and I've found that those answers do a good job of refusing to participate in that competition.

mKat said...

Honestly... (not that it needs repeating) but grades, you will find, don't matter much in the grand scheme of things. It's only your first semester, and even so, a B, B+ average won't prevent you from getting into a PhD program. You'll come to find (for better or for worse) that PhD acceptances are as much about networking (having supervisors lined up) and about who you know (having stellar letter writers behind you) than it is about your grades. (Same thing applies for scholarship and grant applications.) And if you decide to leave academia your grades won't matter at all.

Concentrate on what's ahead of you, what you can still change, and be secure in the fact that they wanted you for the program so the system has faith in your capabilities. :)

Your mani is lovely. :)

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