Monday, December 28, 2009

NYC again!

Red eye flights suck and I'm exhausted! And annoyed. My laptop suffers from not one but three defects: a hard-drive that's on it's way out, a graphics card that is going to fail sooner rather than later and an optical drive that's just plain dead. The nice folks at Tekserve on 23rd are fixing two of three right now but I won't have my laptop back for a few days. Pretty effectively ruins my plan to get research work done while here! Also, my having good nail pics to post for the next few days. :(

On the upside, as I was walking home from Tekserve, I passed by TJ Maxx where I picked up some Barielle treatments and Ricky's where I picked up some $2 Essie, Orly and Mattese polishes. (I hope to get haul pics for y'all tomorrow.)

I also passed by a store that seemed to specialize in wigs on 14th and 6th: it carried NK, Color Club and some other brands. What really surprised me was the rather extensive collection of Color Club minis! (They are the only brand where I don't mind the minis: they are cute, substantial-feeling and the brushes are pretty good.) What was even more surprising to me was the presence of three "Japan exclusive" polishes in mini form: Strawberry Candle, Sakura Glow and Strawberry Sharbet.

(The big CC is just for size comparison.)

Strawberry Candle seems to be named Firelight though. At least, all the polished in the row marked "Strawberry Candle" were polishes that resemble Strawberry Candle but were labeled "Firelight". Well, Firelight... Candle... I guess they are in the same semantic category?

While at this wig shop, I also spied an Essie I don't know much about: Wild Thing. It's a purple-burgundy shimmer with bits of large holo glitter floating around.

Tempting, isn't it? It was $6, which is about $2 more than I really like to spend on Essie...

Tomorrow will be a NB day: I'm meeting up with shopping_sushi_style in the afternoon and with speakeasy1908 (probably better known as the evil genius behind Nails Night Out) in the evening to go dusty hunting. :)

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anotheremptysky said...

awww some of my favorite NBers getting together!! :D have fun!!

Wild Thing is gorgeous, I've never heard of it either.

D:) said...

You did NOT skip that wild's gorgeous!!!

Lucy said...

Hope you had a wonderful time. You never know when your going to come across some great polishes! Lucky finds.

flinty said...

anotheremptysky: speakeasy and I actually didn't get to meet up after all. :(

D: yep, I did skip it... it's probably still there.

Lucy: I had a lovely time. Thanks!

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