Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A couple of Snail Slicks: 25 and 40

These have been languishing in my swatch folder for quite awhile (one longer than the other) because the polishes had been unceremoniously tossed into my "keep, but organize later" drawer. Since they were numbered, I definitely had no memory of what they were called so... I delayed ever posting these photos. 'Til now.

You can get Snail Slicks polishes at Supply Source, where you can also get "David", the topcoat king as determined by The Edge of Sanity. (I guess this would also be a good place to discuss my experience with David.) But first, the Snail Slicks.

Snail Slicks 40 over Revlon Street Wear Drab

Before you ask, no #40 doesn't get opaque in three coats (maybe five, but with patience and drying time in between coats). It gets pretty dense but doesn't ever cover up the whole nail. So I used 40 to doll up my Street Wear Drab manicure that David ruined. Well, I ruined it: I ruined it by assuming that 12 hours after doing my mani, I could move my hands around normally and not get big dents in my polish. For several polishes I've tried (Revlon Street Wear, Estee Lauder, Avon), it dries to about "95% dry" but then the last five percent never seems to dry. For other polishes (Adoree and a couple of others I can't immediately recall), it dries quickly and dries completely, almost as quickly. I'm still trying to figure out which polishes work and which do not.

Oh, right, I was supposed to be talking about the Snail Slicks: anyway, #40 is a super pretty mix of green and gold glitter. Dense enough to make a good topcoat but not dense enough to wear on its own.

Snail Slicks 25 over SpaRitual Falling in Love

For some reason, I really like this orange sherbet-colored super glittery topcoat. Photos don't communicate how seriously sparkly this one is. As far as I can tell, it's got a bunch of gold microglitter and holo microglitter and just glitters up a storm. The video shows it reacting to the light much better:

At about $4 each, these are probably a bit overpriced for what they are but I can't say I regret them. I do recall testing a black shimmer out and that wasn't so hot, prompting me to assume that unless I'm ordering more David or empty bottles any time soon, I probably won't be getting more of these. Basically, it's not worth the $25 minimum for just Snail Slicks but if I had other things to get, I probably wouldn't be adverse to picking up a couple more. There are a couple of other glitter ones that look like they'd be awesome. That and I think the name "Snail Slicks" is totally adorable. :)

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Brooke said...

These are really pretty! I love the green.

Mighty Lambchop said...

Those look really cool, too bad it doesn't get opaque. Thanks for sharing these!

gildedangel said...

Ooo, I love that green!

Lucy said...

My favorite StreetWear color is Drab. It's at the top of my Lemming list. Love the manicures.

flinty said...

Glad you enjoyed them!!

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