Thursday, December 31, 2009

Street Wear Haul-o-rama!

The last day of 2009! I've been feeling under the weather for the past few days but I hope I feel good enough to run four miles at midnight: the NYC Road Runners sponsors a fun run through Central Park every New Year's Eve. This would be my fourth year of ringing in the New Year with a runner's high. ;)

Anyway, like I had mentioned, I made a huge Revlon Street Wear haul from a dusty in midtown Manhattan with shopping_sushi_style on Tuesday. She and I accidentally met last summer at Sephora Times Sq. We were both looking for $OPI 212 when we started talking about our interest in nail polish... which led to a conversation about Nail Board. It was then we realized we knew each other through NB! Small world, huh? Anyway, she took me to this incredible dusty -- the name escapes me at the moment -- where baggies of four random Street Wears (and some Maybellines) are sold for $1 each!! Here are some iPhone photos of what I got:

L to R: Maybelline Bolt of Blue, Red Hot, Mediterranean Coral, Get Strappy, Fairy Pretty, Taupe Tulle, Sheer Ivory, and L'Oreal Lemon Twist

I took a picture of the back of these Maybelline Coloramas because there sale stickers all over their fronts. From L to R: Sonic Sunset, Ruby Rays, Tangerine Tips, Mango Sorbet Tips, Candy Apple, Cherry Tips.

Because the SWs came in fours, I ended up with a lot of extras of several colors. These are all Burnt.

This too is called Burnt even though it looks very different.

I also got a lot of Jelly. One of them is actually missing from this picture.

All of these are Grass Stain... Why one has a black label is beyond me. I think it may have very, very slightly different shimmer?

These are labeled "Ggrass Sstain". Not sure why Revlon used the same names for different polishes.

Taxi! (You know, I almost never purposefully buy dupes. I know I won't finish anything ever really... it feels impossible right now!)

The first two are Gold Mine; the third is Ggold Mmine. It seems to reflect more blue while the other two reflect purple.

Slip, which is prettier in person: a shimmering champagne with holo microglitter.

The first two (again different logo labels!) are Stain. The last two are Sstain.

Ones I have two of, L to R: Gun Metal, Psychedelic, White Out (probably my fave white), and Mmoody. Alas, I couldn't find Moody, which I think is a creme.

Mmm, holo bar glitter!! L to R: Hologram, Midas and Nightmare.

Cremes, L to R: Drab, Nothing, Matte It... is that a topcoat?

Shimmers with microglitter: Angelic, Halo, Illusion, Incognito, Lighten Up and Shooting Star.

Greys and blues, L to R: Steelo, Sky, Tux, Midnight, Vice.

Beiges and browns, L to R: Whip Cream, Imagination, Chick and Scheming.

And the last four: Jam, Raw, Blood and Ruined.

Whew! This post took awhile to do on my iPhone. I can't wait to get my computer back from repair! Hopefully later today. :)

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D:) said...

Only 1 of drab!!! :( :(

What a haul, NYC treats u good!

Colette said...

Wow, awesome haul, that's a lot of Street Wear. Whenever I get dupes from buying multi-packs, they go in my franken box. Even though I've never yet made a franken LOL

~Elizabeth said...

Wow, this was a fun trip down memory lane. I used to have many of these...and when we downsized our living space, I gave them all away. Sad face. But I'm rebuilding a new collection and enjoying that experience. Thanks again, it was fun to look and remember.

Adrienne said...

all i have to say is wowowowoow btw its snowing out! :) Hope its not too bad out in NYC for you to go NP hunting though!

Get Nailed said...

What a haul!! I've love to see swatches of Grass Stain, if it's minty like it looks I've have to track it down!

fishgirl182 said...

wow excellent haulage. i love that taxi and grass stain. i think the street wear steals make up for the expensive polishes you bought. those strange beauty sets are definitely a steal if you divide by 8.

susies1955 said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow! :)

Chocolate Kisses said... are killing me. I am in NYC and I want to know WHERE did you get this Street Wear?????? Pretty please with sugar on top. LOL I used to wear it all the time and would love to buy some more!!

Antonea said...

i am so jealous of all your finds!
$1 for 4?! Amazing!

How old are these polishes. I remember these street wear polishes back when i was... well... quite young. Haha
I love on NP lasts so long.

gildedangel said...

Wow, great haul!

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Wow. That's awesome!

PolishPig said...

Ohh, Ahh!

Incredible haul! I have a few Street Wear from e-bay, I have never seen them in Sweden. I love the cool colours and names. I just found out there is two (at least) sorts of polish. If it says Frost it is supposed to be used like a layering polish, if it says color on the front it is regular polish.

féline-alizarine said...

Cool! :) I'm incredibly curious about this double initial thing. I have a Mmoody, and always wondered why it has a "typo" in the name. Though, why didn't they do the same thing when they changed the color of Burnt? Weird. :) Congrats on a superb haul!

KarenD said...

Oh my, I am so jealous! Great haul!

ReaderRita said...

That is a great haul, and I am SO envious! Street Wear Grass Stain is my absolute favorite polish color, ever. I have been rationing from my almost 20 (?!!!) year old bottle for special occasions only! If you ever want to sell one, please contact me! I've tried to franken it, but have never gotten it right. There's more blue and grey in it than you'd imagine. You are very lucky! I look for it where ever I go. The rest are all really great, too. I don't know why Revlon stopped making them- they were so cool. It seems counterintuitive to me, as Street Wear goes for $ome cabbage on eBay, and Revlon could be making that money... I don't get it. Same goes for Urban Decay. (whose new release of polish can't hold a candle to their old awesome colors...) Anyway, YAY! SO COOL for you! zombydisarrayatsbcglobaldotnet

Rock 'n' Nails! said...

nice haul... what are you going to do with the double or multiple bottles? Grass Stain, Gun Metal and Psychedelic look great, too bad they don't have Street Wear here in Japan... so same thing as ReaderRita, if you'd like to sell them or do an exchange, it would be great if you could email me or leave a comment on my blog^^
Have a nice day!

kachihadashi at ymail dot com

Lucy said...

All those delicious Street Wears! Beautiful colors.

T-Rex said...

I bought several Street Wear polishes the first time I saw them, maybe 20 or so years ago. My faves, like Grass Stain, Moody, and Jelly, were all muted mid-tone cremes. Some time later, I saw the same color names on pastel, frosty versions of these colors. Light blue, pink, etc. Wow, that annoyed me. This was way before EvilBay, so I had no way of procuring the old versions.

I'll be emailing you about your source, now. :-)

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