Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I'm so sorry I haven't been actively posting! My job has been taking up a lot of my life, I barely have time to swatch or paint my nails as often as I like. During the week I wear boring work appropriate colors and on the weekends I do paint my nails, but really don't get a chance to snap a picture of it while the sun is still up. I only managed to take pics of two of my holiday manis this month.

First up is Sally Hansen Project Runway. Project Runway unfortunately is a Canadian exclusive, it is such a gorgeous color I wish this was more readily available. It is a green loaded with bits of gold shimmer/mini flecks. Absolutely stunning, perfect in two coats! I feel bad for posting it because many of our visitors won't be able to get it unless you live in Canada or have a friend in Canada.

Sally Hansen Project Runway

close up of Sally Hansen Project Runway

After a couple days of wear, I topped it with Ulta's After Party which is a red, silver, and multi color glitter in a clear base. I put one coat of After Party and then one coat of Nubar Diamont to make it smooth. A perfect glitter top coat for a holiday mani! I haven't tried it by itself, but this is so fun layered over everything. I'm sorry i think the week I wore this it rained all week and could only capture indoor pictures of it, but you get the idea.

Sally Hansen Project Runway topped w/ Ulta After Party flash

Sally Hansen Project Runway topped w/ Ulta After Party without flash under artifical light

My other holiday mani was Essie Jelly Apple topped with Ulta After Party of course. No picture of Jelly Apple though since it's your standard red creme. Although it is my only red creme and I am quite happy with it, that's why it is my only red creme. It's actually a jelly and goes on perfectly in two coats. I couldn't get a picture of this until after a few days of wear so there is some tipwear, but it held up very well! After Party was really hard to capture in the sun for some reason, my camera just didn't want to capture all of its glittery goodness!

Essie Jelly Apple w/ Ulta After Party

These pictures seriously do no justice to how amazing After Party is!! If you have an Ulta nearby, you should def pick this one up if you like glitter and enjoy layering it over polishes!

I hope everyone is having a safe holiday and see you all next year (hopefully with more nail polishes)!! :)

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gildedangel said...

I love those combinations; lovely!

nihrida said...

Yep, you should feel bad about posting Project Runway... It looks gorgeous.

ReaderRita said...

Project Runway is gorgeous! I'll bet it's a licensing thing with the name here in the states. Such. A. Bummer.
Call it something else here, Sally! Just get this color to us!
Winter isn't the best time for a Canadian vacation!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Finally an exclusive polish for us Canadians! And it's greeen! Yipppeee! I'm going to track that baby down. Thanks for posting your lovely swatches.

Lucy said...

Love that shade of green. Wish it was available here. I want all green polishes! Looks gorgeous on you. The Jelly Apple is an amazing red. Love the layering with the Ulta polish.

Linen and Silk said...

Project Runway: Want. Want badly.

Looks gorgeous on you!!!

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