Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ringing in the New Year with Dior Silver Pearl

Happy New Year (though not according to this blog because the times are all PST)! I just got home after finishing my fourth New Year's Eve four mile fun run around Central Park. Last year, it was deathly cold. This year, it was warm (read: above freezing)... and very slushy. It was my second worst run time-wise but I've been so out of shape this past year, I'm just glad I finished it in under an hour!

Anyway, I didn't want to forget to update the blog on New Year's so I thought I'd show off my NOTD:

Dior Silver Pearl

This is one of two polishes in Dior's Spring 2010 collection. I got my hands on slightly early because apparently, Saks gets Dior stuff early. And I happened to walk into Saks the other day. And promptly dropped $20+tax for this polish. It is the most I've spent on a polish. The color is a beautiful burnished silver that has a slight greenish cast to it. Depending on the light, it can look straight up silver, blackened silver or even a mossy silver. It's satiny and not at all glossy; it almost looks slightly mattefied to me. It's subtle but striking. Up close, I think of it as another *yawn* silver and kind of a dull silver at that. But once in awhile, I'll catch a glimpse of my nails from arm's length or in a mirror and I just stop and stare at my own nails. It really pops at a distance. It's not flashy but it's attention-getting. 

Application is what I have come to expect from Dior polishes: the small flat brush is perfect for my small nails and the polish is thick, smooth and very obedient: it goes where you want it to go. I used three coats though it could've been a two-coater. It dried before I could get the topcoat on! And I suspect the topcoat (Sally Hansen Mega Shine, which I really don't like but it's what I keep at my mom's place) is the culprit for the exceptionally advanced tipwear at 12 hours. :( 

So the question comes to this: is it worth $20? It is worth it to me because I have designated Dior polishes as my supreme manifestation of nail polish luxury: I'll buy them at that price because I've decided that they're my exception to my "No polish is worth over $16... and it had better be damn good if it's over $10" rule. These polishes make my nails feel invincible. For those who need a $20 polish to be all that, a bag of chips and a ready and willing slave that will make you breakfast in bed with freshly squeezed orange juice... no, it's definitely not that. Not magical. 

I actually kind of wish it was a dupe of Opulent Cloud but with the fabulous Dior formula. Alas, no, it's kind of just the lighter, airier, greener version of Silver Purple. I have the same feeling towards Silver Purple: "Eh" and a shrug. But I find myself strangely mesmerized by both. 

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Jessika said...

thanks for sharing!

Get Nailed said...

Very pretty!

gildedangel said...


The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Great Polish!

Happy New Year! :)

flinty said...

Thanks all!!

ReaderRita said...

Very Pretty. I like that it's not a simple silver. Kudos to Dior for being complex! Colors with weird casts to them are my faves. Also, I'd have to add Rescue Beauty Lounge to the "Luxury List" of over $16 polishes that are worth it. If RBL has a color that you love, they cover so well (most in one, maybe two coats!) and last so long, that I find them to be very worth the bucks.

Lucy said...

Very beautiful silver shade. I have to check out the latest polishes. They will be very tempting to me.

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