Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nfu.Oh and Avon promo/discount codes!

Flying back to the West Coast tonight. With a dead computer. Sad dead computer. Part of me just wants to chuck it in the trash instead of lugging it on the flight with me.

Anyway, for those of you who have been pounding down my virtual door asking where on the Lord's sweet earth did I find all the Street Wears, I did actually end up remembering the name of the place but I have no interest in letting eBay scalpers know where this magical mystery graveyard of mythical polishes lies. If you'd like to know, please PM me via MUA or email

FabulouStreet, purveyor of Nfu.Oh polishes, is offering a $5 off of a purchase of $45. Code: 2010fabst$5off. Expires: January 31st, 2010.

Avon, as usual, is having a free shipping deal (purchases over $10) and discount on their ProWear nail polishes (2 for $5.99). Code: CELEBRATE. Expires: January 11th, 2010.

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Lucy said...

What a pity, a dead computer! Very frustrating. I'm annoyed enough because mine is so slow. Thanks for the info on the Nfu-Oh polishes.

ReaderRita said...

Thank you for these discounts. I have now used the FabulouStreet one. Always wanted to try Nfu Oh polish, and this was the perfect incentive. They were out of stock on almost all of the flakies, though. Oh, well. Still managed to spend money, however! =)

Edward said...

Thanks for these vouchers, we really need them. I have used last week one of the voucher codes of Avon that exist here, you can check them if youn want.

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