Friday, January 15, 2010

Official Polish or Perish Banner Contest!

Today is Polish or Perish's half-anniversary! We are half a year old. :D 

A lot has happened in that half year (we're closing in on 400 posts, 500 Google Readers, 300 Google Followers, and just recently reached 900-1,000 hits per day) and we want to celebrate all that with a new look! And for that, we need some help... 

(This is where you all come in.)

We're hosting a banner design contest! Everyone is invited to submit original designs and the seven Polish or Perish bloggers will decide what we want gracing the top of our blog. I'll get to guidelines in a moment but first... let's talk prizes! We got several companies (and several of our bloggers) to donate some awesome stuff.

1. From the Polish or Perish crew, in conjunction with Victoria's Nail Supply: a $45 gift certificate and a one-time free shipping code to Victoria's Nail Supply.

2. From Ginger Kitty Designs: a $35 gift certificate to Ginger Kitty Designs so you can buy her gorgeous nail polish jewelry! This includes her custom pieces as well!!

3. From OverallBeauty: a bottle of Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover and BB Couture for Men polishes in Wire Stripper and Hammer Drill. 

4. From Diamond Cosmetics, 10 of gorgeous shades: Plum Pie in the Sky, Not Just Your Hum Drum Plum, Don't Teal My Heart Away, Chainmail Charm, Diamond's Diamonds, Oh Tiff!, Crushed Velvet, Cherry Tobacco, Never So Ever Green and Blue Diamond.

5. From OCNailArt: Konad Kit C which comes with two discs, three special polishes and stamper and scraper. 

6. And finally, from yours truly (flinty!): the entire Color Club Glitter Vixen collection along with two mini bottles of my frankens, Where Cressida Lay and Funky Chunky w/ Cheese. :D (I think it's funny how the photo of my mini bottles are the biggest-looking bottles on the post probably...)

The grand prize winner will get her pick of FOUR out of these SIX groups of prizes (in addition to having her -- or his -- design be our official banner). The runner-up will get the remaining two and probably some other yet-to-be-determined goodies. :) 

  • Anyone, anywhere may enter! 
  • You can submit more than one design. 
  • Email all entries as an image attachment to Please be sure to include your actual name and the name you go by on nail blogs and/or on MUA. If you want to give us any explanation for your design, feel free to do so but don't feel as if it's necessary. Please, only one email per design. 
  • If photos are part of your design, be sure to use your own photos or photos that belong to this website. 
  • The submitted designs become the property of the Polish or Perish blog. 
  • The contest closes at February 28th, 2010, 11:59pm PST.

Design Guidelines: 
  • Don't worry about matching your banner design to our current color scheme. We'll change the color scheme of the blog to suit the banner. 
  • The banner should not be so big that you cannot see the most recent post underneath it in an internet browser window that is only taking up about half of the area of a viewer's computer screen. The current banner is pretty thin: your banner design should be no more than twice that thickness.
  • The words "Polish or Perish" should be prominent. 
  • The motto "Women who have almost as much nail polish as they have education" is optional. 
  • Any mention about this website being a nail blog is optional. 
  • If you are going to use depictions of hands or people, please be reminded that we are not all Caucasian. Actually, of the seven of us, I (flinty) am reasonably sure that four of us are non-white... and I'm not entirely sure that the remaining three are all white.  
If you have any questions, please either comment below or email us at and put the words "banner design" in the subject line. 

Happy designing!! 

(And tell your friends please! We would LOVE as many awesome entries as possible to choose from! :D) 

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susies1955 said...

I'm interested in making a banner but would love to have some sort of idea on the size. Thanks,

Leanne said...

I'd like to know the same as Susies1955 please!

D:) said...

Looks good!

Concertina said...

Ahh! This is going to be so much fun!

MissMarlboro said...

I'm going to partecipate.. is there a size to respect?

susies1955 said...

What size is best????????

flinty said...

The banner should not be larger than 1000x250 pixels. (But it can be smaller than that.)

susies1955 said...

Thanks, that helps. :)

Lolly Lilac said...

Do you mind hand-drawn designs or would you prefer computer-generated graphics only? I'm more comfortable with a pen/brush/etc than I am with Photoshop, haha! But I would love to enter this contest.

Rhea said...

I want to know the same as lolly lilac :)

mKat said...

If you want to do something hand drawn, feel free! (LOL as though I speak for everyone.) :P Just make sure you scan it when you're done and that it fits the guidelines above.

Good luck!!

Doo said...

I forgot to send in the banner I was working on! So sorry! I kept thinking I would make it better and then just time kept passing! I hope you found what you were looking for :)

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