Friday, January 15, 2010

Beige/nude/off-white/light gold Street Wear swatches: Slip, Chick, Nothing, Lighten Up & Whip Cream

Now that I seem to have fifty bajillion Street Wears, I probably should swatch 'em right?

I wasn't looking forward to swatching the beige/nude/off-white/light gold polishes. I rarely am. And some of these looked pearly and frosty and downright disastrous in the bottle. ...I was pleasantly surprised! They're still frosty or pearly but the quality was surprising. I'll explain more in a minute. But first, I gotta say: non-completely-round caps are genius. GENIUS. Why? Because for someone who does a dozen swatches at least in one sitting, I use a lot of acetone... and then I always reach for a dab of lotion between swatches. (Right now, using Jojoelle Red and White Peppermint Cake Shea Souffle Cream which smells delicious on my hands but not when applied to any bigger expanses of skin. Weird huh?) The lotion keeps my cuticles from looking like complete nightmares but then my lotion-ed hands make opening polish bottles a pain. Especially non-rubberized round-topped bottles like Essie or even OPI. The Street Wear bottle tops are rounded but they are actually tetradecagons (14 sided polygons), which provides just enough traction for my lotion-y hands. So yay for those.

Revlon Street Wear Whip Cream
I didn't think this one would be as pretty as it is. It's a frosty off-white and it's very bright. So not the sort of color I enjoy usually. But this polish applied so smoothly and easily. It took three coats for complete opacity which surprised me because I'm used to cheapie-like frosts taking at least four coats to reach any color that I can stand. It's a fairly clean look for a frost, imo.

Revlon Street Wear Chick

This is more of a pale yellow gold Very frosty and somewhat streaky but the polish was still pleasantly thick and not horrible to apply. Again, three coats.

Revlon Street Wear Lighten Up

I was hoping this would be a better idea than it looked in the bottle. Whitened gold shimmer with gold microglitter. Bumpy and the glitter is eaten up by the shimmer. Three coats, not even close to opaque.

Revlon Street Wear Nothing

This one I REALLY liked as a nude shade for my skintone. Not quite mannequin hands though (which is fine by me -- the mannequin hands thing kind of creeps me out). It's got just a bit of gold shimmer to it to keep it from being flat. Three coats here, could have used a fourth. Forgiven because the application was extremely easy. This polish just glided right on.

Revlon Street Wear Slip

This one I wanted to like a lot but knew that I would not like it on my nails. Sheer shimmery light gold base with holo glitter. This is three coats pictured above and because it feels sort of streaky, I'm not entirely sure that this would make a good layering polish either. There's still something subtly pretty about this though.

With all the Street Wears I amassed, I was thinking maybe I should do something like "Street Wear Sunday" every week but then I realized that that would make blogging feel like work. So, no scheduling for me. Just going to swatch and post my Street Wear collection as I make my way through them.

Anyway, I'm sooo glad it's the weekend. I'm going away for a few days to celebrate my anniversary with my SO (it's actually in ten days but we have a long weekend this weekend). Should be fun! :D

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could tell you how truly jealous I am.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is my fave! Slip is gorgeous too!

gildedangel said...

Those colors are so pretty!

Rebecca said...

Nothing is gorgeous. It really matches your skin tone, but the shimmer just adds something to it.

SalvagedExpression said...

I'm digging nothing and whip creme. I actually have a bottle of Chic from the 90s when the earth was young and I'd say try it with a matte top coat.

outre said...

My Nothing has pink shimmer to it. It too is my fav. nude. And my Whip Cream green shimmer in the bottle...but doesn't really show up on the nail as far as I can remember..

Lucy said...

Slip and Ligten Up are the two I don't care for. The rest are really pretty. I wish I had Streetwear's Toad. I used it when it first came out. I got rid of it when I stopped polishing my nails. What a complete idiot! I love that color. I really love Wear Nothing. I usually don't like polishes to match your skintone. That one is lovely.

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