Thursday, January 14, 2010

RBL sale haul... plus the haul of five other NBers/bloggers. And some RBL swatches!

These may be the worst bottle and swatch photos I've ever taken with a proper camera. (I had just gotten this camera when the haul arrived so I hadn't quite figured out how to use it yet...) But it's a fun haul post so... why not, right? 

Back in December, when Rescue Beauty Lounge had that enormous sale, I took advantage of the rare opportunity and hauled every RBL I had wanted (and I should've gotten more because there are a few I regret not getting, like Lulu and Pepto Pink -- why pinks? Who knows). At the same time, one of the Polish or Perish bloggers emailed me, saying she'd be asleep during the very short sale and asked to haul for them. Well, how could I say no? And then a couple of people on NB and other nail bloggers also needed help hauling... so I offered to haul for them. So what was the final total haul? 33 RBL polishes... so over $300 with shipping. I was so worried that my order was too big and that they would run out of stock so I ZOOMED through the checkout process and got my order in before the first minute of the sale was over. Luckily, everything was in stock! Here's what arrived at my doorstep a week later. (Click on the photo to get the full effect of the "whoa, that's a ton of RBL" sensation.) 

Underware, Orbis Non Sufficit, Recycle 

Yes... Underware's cap is taller than the others. 

No More War (yeah, there are four of them there), Bikini Bottom, Concrete Jungle

Purple Haze, Scrangie, Mismas

Opaque Nude, Grunge, Stormy

Teal, Dead Calm, Look Rich Be Cheap

Glamourpuss, Killa Red and Yellow Fever

The uneven caps really drive me nutsy. 

The people I hauled for were generous enough to let me swatch some of the polishes they got that I did not. Unfortunately, these swatches turned out hella ugly on me. This first one suffers from major dried out cuticles (eww). 

Rescue Beauty Lounge Stormy 
Gorgeous dark grey with fabulous application. I'm sorry I can't comment on it further but I can't stand to think about how ragged my cuticles are here. 

Rescue Beauty Lounge Dead Calm

Rich, dark blue. So beautiful! But absolutely impossible to get a good photo of in natural light because it's so incredibly glossy, it reflects EVERYTHING on a clear day. 

Rescue Beauty Lounge Look Rich Be Cheap

I had somehow sensed that this colder gold and dark purple glitter combination would look terrible with my skin and I was right. It is stunning polish and I love the other RBL glitter I own (Locavore) but I was right to not have gotten it for myself. I'm glad the person who got it let me swatch it though. Three coats to become mostly opaque. 

Needless to say, there should be a bunch more RBL posts in the near future (though about four swatches were lost when my computer died). 

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Gina said...

Wowza! RBL heaven! I really regret not taking advantage of that sale but even at 50% off it was a touch pricey for me right now.

The uneven cap thing is so strange, I wonder why they are like that!?

Cannot wait to see more swatches!

Anonymous said...

Gah! That's what my next RBL Sale haul will look like. I am so mad for not getting LRBC and Starfish Patrick. And the new spring colors? *swoon*. So sad Scrangie is officially sold out. Glad I got mine :)

KittytoKaren said...

OMG I just almost cried. That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!!! I'm currently lemming dead calm and grunge! I <3 RBLs...
<3 kittytokaren

Rebecca said...

Scrangie is amazing! Don't think we have this range in the UK though.

Anonymous said...

WOW, you could start your own shop with all those polishes. Great selection you have there. Kinda gutted I missed out on the sale now :(

Looking forward to the swatches =)

Musicalhouses said...

OMG I'm loving Look Rich Be Cheap! The glitter is just so breathtaking!

gildedangel said...

Wow, what a haul!!!

Jackie S. said...

OMG! I can not wait till my Dead Calm (back ordered) comes in....I'm so giddy!

bluebue said...

So you are the one who go all the Teal ;). I got my order in at 4:45PM when I was finally able to get to a WiFi connection after a long day at work. So I think I was lucky to get Scrangie, Mismas, Orbis Non Sufficit & Dead Calm (which is back ordered & didn't come in the order). This is all I could afford. I can't wait 'till the next sale. It's the only way I can allow my self to buy these.

MinderMutsig (Kirsten) said...

That must have been so much fun to unpack!
And I see mine there too!
They got here yesterday in perfect condition so I'll be swatching those next week on my blog.
Thanks again!

rijaH said...

Great haul! :D I am not jealous at all :P

Lucy said...

I bought 7 all for my very own. I wish I'd gotten Look Rich Be Cheap. If there's another sale I will be ordering that one. I have many that you ordered. I don't have Underwear and would like to see that one. I don't usually wear white polish. Your poor cuticles! Mine are a wreck also.

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